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Sign up to receive email alerts when discounted Lowe's gift cards are available. You can buy these gift cards at about 10% less than face value, for example, a $100 gift cards would cost $90.20. There is no shipping or any other extra fee. Usually you can use your electronic gift card (received in the form of a secret code) within seconds of paying (using you credit card), and use on the Lowe's web site to pay for your order. Therefore, the 10% discount for the gift card is on top of whatever discount (10 or 20 percent) you get from the promo code. What's the catch ? Well, everyone wants these discounted gift cards (like free money), so when we get them, they usually sell out quickly. Until now, you would have to check every 10 minutes to not miss them. We're making an email list, so when we see them in stock, we can email everyone who is interested to receive this alert. There's also a second source of discounted gift cards, with much better availability, and the discount is only 1% less. So if the first runs out, try the second. The second source has two types of cards. One is "electronic" (secret code) for on-line orders, and for combining with promo codes, while the other is "physical" (plastic card) and is only for in-store purchases. So make sure to get the electronic or print type, not the plastic type. A tip to protect yourself from possible fraud or abuse: Buy just a bit less gift card face value than your purchase, and pay the difference with your credit card. This way, if you need to return some part, you can get it refunded to your credit card. Use the gift card immediately, don't hold it beyond the gift card vendor's money back guarantee period. For example, if the gift card vendor guarantees your money back if you have any issues for 45 days, then make sure to use it all up way before 45 days. If there are any problems (e.g. if Lowe's declares bankruptcy your gift cards become worthless) you can get a refund from the gift card vendor.

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