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Free Lowe's Discount Promo Codes

Select from the 4 free promo codes below: 10% off any order (orange link), $10 off orders of $50 or more (blue), $20 off $100 (green), or $5 off $25 (purple). Use the promotional code on checkout. To get a 1% rebate on all Lowe's or Home Depot on-line orders, 2% at Walmart, 4% at Amazon, 8% at Expedia, Travelocity and others, sign up at Swagbucks. For an additional 6% cash back on Lowe's purchases sign up for free at TopCashBack. eBates will give you 2.0% on Lowe's plus a $10 bonus after your first $25 purchase. Join them now, its free money!

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(15 hours ago) Rich said:
Thanks for the great coupon. $15 off worked perfectly.
(15 hours ago) Mike said:
Today I wanted to try it in store, but they REFUSED to try it because it did not look like it came from Lowe's, two service managers both would not allow it!
(16 hours ago) Dave said:
I didn't think it would work in store, but it totally did! Thanks so much!
(17 hours ago) Tim said:
15 off 50 works everytime!
(21 hours ago) Fred said:
thanks! the 10% off code saved me over $40. on a washer!
(18 hours ago) Aaron said:
$15 off online worked, saved $15 and still got the free shipping.
(18 hours ago) Renovo said:
Last Chance At An Extra 3% off Lowe's Gift Cards.

Use Promo Code HONEYDO2016 when buying Lowe's gift card (merchandise return credit) at SaveYa for an extra 3% discount. Expires Sunday night.
(18 hours ago) Renovo said:
Last Chance At An Extra 3% off Lowe's Gift Cards.

Use Promo Code HONEYDO2016 when buying Lowe's gift card (merchandise return credit) at SaveYa for an extra 3% discount. Expires Sunday night.
(19 hours ago) George said:
Lowes 10 % Off worked great for me. Saved $49.90
(20 hours ago) Anonymous said:
awesome! Saved $43!
(20 hours ago) Jeff said:
Got my $15 off!
(20 hours ago) Scott said:
15 off 50 just worked great!!! Thanks
(21 hours ago) Rich said:
$15 off $50 still working great. Thank you.
(21 hours ago) Quinn said:
Worked beautifully.. 10% code. Thank you so much.
(21 hours ago) Fred said:
thanks! the 10% off code saved me over $40. on a washer!
(Yesterday) mike said:
Lowes 10% worked great, Thanks!
(Yesterday) rob said:
had an order of 250+ made 5 transactions for $15 off $50, saved $75
(Yesterday) Opasamt said:
Thank you! I just saved $15.
(Yesterday) Opasamt said:
Thank you! I just saved $15.
(2 days ago) KC said:
Awesome, thanks just used the 15 off 50...
(2 days ago) Brian said:
I used the 10% off online purchase and honestly saved $108 on $1,080 worth of tile. Truly got the job done !! Awesome !
(2 days ago) Daveychuck said:
You sirs are fn AWESOME!!!!
(2 days ago) Maria said:
Thank you!!! I just saved $15.00 off $50.00.
(2 days ago) Bob said:
Any Home Depot promo codes?
(2 days ago) $$$ SAVA' said:
Jules: SUCKKKAAAAAA! You could've saved 6% on TopCashBack! :D
(2 days ago) Jules said:
Amazing! Worked. I also signed up for Ebates and got another 1.5% cash back!
(2 days ago) NC said:
OMG 10% of online order worked !!!! woohoo
(2 days ago) shirley said:
Just saved $15 off $50 online order. Thank you!!
(2 days ago) L H said:
It works
(2 days ago) Jerry said:
Lowe's $15 off of $50 worked for me! Thank you!
(2 days ago) Arav said:
15 off of 50 worked! - You guys rock :)
(2 days ago) jojo said:
any way you can get office depot/ office max promo codes?? :)
(2 days ago) Ben said:
$15 off worked
(3 days ago) Luis said:
15 off of 50 worked!
(3 days ago) Anne said:
Worked! Saved $25 with 10% off coupon. Thanks!
(3 days ago) Lisa S said:
Worked, saved $50 with the 10% off coupon!
(3 days ago) Joe G said:
Worked...saved $94.00
(3 days ago) rob said:
Worked just fine.
(3 days ago) Tony said:
i had to refresh a few times, but 10 percent off did finally work.
(3 days ago) Dulce said:
Just used it the less $15 of $50 it works thank you and more power 😍😍😍😍
(3 days ago) oak08820 said:
yes it worked man 10%, save $110
it worked saved $100
(3 days ago) Dave H said:
10% off on-line worked!!! Awesome.
(3 days ago) Nelson said:
Awesome saved $15 at lowes on $50.
(3 days ago) nathan newell said:
Wow! It worked!
(3 days ago) RenovoPower said:
SaveYa has Lowe's gift cards (or return credits) at 9% off, and until the end of July, get an EXTRA 3% off the cards using the promo code HONEYDO2016 at SaveYa checkout
(3 days ago) amby said:
always works.
(3 days ago) Big H said:
15$ off worked
(3 days ago) Steph said:
$15 off $50 Online worked. In fact, I've never seen it NOT work. Love this site!
(3 days ago) Tammy said:
10% did not work, but $15 off did. Thanks!
(3 days ago) Jawad said:
All of these coupons work in the store as well. If the bar code doesn't scan, ask cashier type the numbers in. Make sure you check the coupon online before taking in the store to see if they are valid
(3 days ago) Anonymous said:
worked! nice savings thanks!
(4 days ago) Tim Taylor said:
Worked the first time... Perfect!
(4 days ago) Ana Gonzalez said:
First site I find where the Lowe's coupon actually worked. Thank you guys!!!
(4 days ago) donald trump said:
It works great! Just like my wall with. I Saved HUGE bucks using my promo code to buy materials for my wall.
(4 days ago) donald trump said:
It works great! Just like my wall with. I Saved HUGE bucks using my promo code to buy materials for my wall.
(4 days ago) PY said:
Used Lowe's coupons from this site several times and it works great all the time. Thanks!!!!!
(4 days ago) Mark said:
10% off code worked great
(4 days ago) AG said:
10% off worked like a charm on a $300+ order. Thanks !!!!!!
(4 days ago) Dion said:
Just used the $10 off $50+ online order and it worked! Thanks!!!
(4 days ago) De said:
Thank you. The $15 off $50 online order worked great!
(4 days ago) Justin said:
Thank you. The $15 off $50 online order worked great! Use it for exactly $50 purchase, you'll get 30% OFF + free shipping too.
(4 days ago) Joey said:
This is awesome! Just used 10 $15 off $50 to save over %25 off my purchases!
(4 days ago) Z said:
Nice - 10% off just saved me $80!
(4 days ago) Jessica said:
The 10% off code worked! I had to refresh the page, but the second code worked!!!
(4 days ago) Patricia said:
$15 off $50 online code worked perfectly. Thank you.
(4 days ago) Mary said:
Thanks. Used $15 off $50 online order. It worked. Thank you again!!
(4 days ago) Anonymous said:
Thanks. 10% worked after a couple of refresh.
(4 days ago) steve said:
thanks, the only discount code out there that worked. saved 10%
(4 days ago) Keneshia said:
Thank you! 10% off worked!
(4 days ago) Adam said:
Dude!!! Just bought a $300 sink and saved $30!!! This site rocks...and all I had to do was run a google search for "Lowes Promotion Code".
(4 days ago) Shell said:
It worked for me - Thanks
I saved 10% Thanks
(5 days ago) brandon said:
got 15% off...THANK YOU!!
(5 days ago) Shelly said:
Thank you! You saved me 10% off my total order on a new dishwasher!
(5 days ago) Hilda said:
Got $15 off. Made my day
(5 days ago) Steph said:
10% off online purchases worked like a champ to help me save money on a Nest!
(5 days ago) lucy said:
worked for me many times, saved lots of money
(5 days ago) john said:
this is soooo cool thanks who ever did this
(5 days ago) Abie said:
$15 off! Too easy! Thank you!
(5 days ago) Elvis said:
Thanks, the 10% just worked for me, had to refresh once and get a new number though. The first one was used already apparently.
(5 days ago) Susan said:
Just used the code and saved %10 on a new screen door--thank you!!!
(5 days ago) andy said:
I am unable to add anything to cart at Anyone else have issues? I have had a number of issues with new site and now this...
(5 days ago) Bob said:
Thanks for the Lowes coupon. Saved over $100 on an online order.
(5 days ago) jon said:
$15 off online purchase worked today
(5 days ago) Helen said:
Thanks for making the coupons work again.
(5 days ago) internetbrowser said:
RenovoPower - Great job by the way with the bar code pages! Works great in store at Lowe's and I have even gotten Home Depot to match the 10% off bar code on my phone!
(5 days ago) Angela said:
I used the online coupon for an appliance purchase at Lowe's and the code worked for me.
(5 days ago) Cooper said:
They have work for me every time
(5 days ago) Bev said:
After about 4 refreshes, I was able to use a Lowe's code, so.... THANK YOU! ♡
(5 days ago) Scam Buster said:
Just used the 10% off - worked perfect!
(5 days ago) Chris said:
Thanks for getting the $15 of $50 working again. I was just about to purchase paint to spray my house I'm renovating. Saved $60 on 19 Gallons of paint by breaking it up into 4 orders.
(5 days ago) morbid said:
$15 off $50 works again!
(5 days ago) RenovoPower said:
internetbrowser saves the day (again!) with his new $15 off $50 code. Thanks for sharing! We were without a $15 code for 1 day and "panic ensued" :)
But now we're back to normal. COOL!
(5 days ago) jojo said:
10% is only one working
(5 days ago) Dave said:
Just used the 15 0ff 50 the day before last and it worked great, now none of them seem to be working!
(5 days ago) Ricky said:
10% worked! thanks
(5 days ago) Sergio said:
$15 off is back :)
(5 days ago) Martin said:
Your codes are not working.... Me thinks Lowes has caught on....
(5 days ago) Lmart said:
None of these codes work.
(5 days ago) Will said:
10% coupon worked
(5 days ago) JR said:
Appears the $15 off $50 is no longer functional. Any updates available? Thanks!

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