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We don't provide coupons / promo codes. However, you can save plenty by buying discounted gift cards as well as ordering through cash back programs. There are links to several such programs on this page.

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(4 hours ago) user.js said:
lowes cart trick and js trick died years ago, prove it by sending the gm or tm script here
(6 hours ago) Anonymous said:
to the eBay sellers that are selling these codes: fry in a pan a fat lard grease, and burn bitch
(9 hours ago) lowies said:
where to find the java code and directions? (not seeing it in pastebin)
(9 hours ago) Anonymous said:
if theres a javatrick send it to!
(9 hours ago) Thanks for the java trick said:
But how do I get it to work? I don't know java.
(10 hours ago) andrew said:
please send 10% off to bout to buy a $650 shed
(11 hours ago) Jeff said:
Please email the java trick code to
(11 hours ago) G said:
Can you mint anymore 20% or $50 off Lowes codes? Just moved and trying to buy a better Buch of home improvement products. Thx!
(12 hours ago) Kevin said:
Ebates is free money, thanks!
(15 hours ago) lowes 15% off said:
Paypal is selling lowes gift card 15% off on ebay
(15 hours ago) Nick said:
What's this Java Lowe's Trick I'm hearing about? Can you email it to me at if you don't mind.
(15 hours ago) Dee said:
(16 hours ago) @I don't want your emails said:
I tried searching for the 'javalowestrick' that "I don't want your emails" mentioned, and google has no search results that pop up. Am i missing something?
(16 hours ago) MABE'S HOM IMP said:
(16 hours ago) @ I dont want your emails... said:
is the pastebin set on public..i see no such thing.
(16 hours ago) i give up :( said:
i dont understand this...LOL
(17 hours ago) If you're java stacking said:
Don't do it at the same store, spread your buys around or this exploit is going to be found out quick and killed. Be smart and methodical people.
(17 hours ago) Java stack limit? said:
To all of you java tricksters, how deep have you stacked? I keep finding a limit of 6x on all the codes. I'm not complaining, it's insane to take off $300 on a $500 order of anything I want.
(17 hours ago) Follyjim said:
Online only code at Home Depot for $10 dollars off $100 or more.It's not Lowes but it might help some people.Expires 10/26/16 OCTOBERHD
(17 hours ago) java stack code Please said:
(17 hours ago) @ I have the trick said:
Clear your cache or use Chrome
(17 hours ago) I don't want your emails said:
I just pasted the java trick on pastebin. It works on both Greasemonkey and Tampermonkey. Go search 'javalowestrick' and snag it at your leisure. Crazy cool script. Feels more a bit illegal IMO
(17 hours ago) I have the trick said:
But can't get it to work in Firefox a 2nd time. It worked once, but not again. WTF?
(17 hours ago) Got it! said:
I finally got the java stack to work in Chrome. OMG! This is so sick, it's got to be shut down soon.
(18 hours ago) Thuy said:
May I have $15 off 50 please. Thank you
(18 hours ago) Gk said:
please send me 10% coupon to
(19 hours ago) Caitlin said:
Ebates sent me a $10 check. Free money like you guys told me! thanks!
(19 hours ago) Colin said:
"java stacking" is an ebay seller that wants to email you his address to SELL codes
(20 hours ago) Need Java code said:
Could you please send the Java script to me
(21 hours ago) Anyone got the java stack yet? said:
(21 hours ago) shawn said:
(21 hours ago) 10% off said:
pls send me a 10% off coupon to
(21 hours ago) Matt said:
Purchasing a new dishwasher any codes would be a appreciated,
(22 hours ago) Candice said:
Please send me a 10% off coupon code to
(22 hours ago) Need java stack coupon said:
Please send jave script for stacking coupons to
(22 hours ago) Tommyincville said:
Has anyone received info about the Java script? Bogus! Collecting emails? Did they leave a contact addresse?
(22 hours ago) java Stacking Trick PLEASE... said:
I never received email.. Please email the info to
(23 hours ago) Anonymous said:
Looks like reality is setting in, people are starting to realize the magic code fairy is not going to email them any codes as the messages are getting less and less each day.....
(Yesterday) rob said:
have not been able to get a code any help
(Yesterday) 10% off said:
pls send me a 10% off coupon code to
(Yesterday) Nick said:
Could someone send two $15 off $50 codes to Thank you.
(Yesterday) java stack 4 me to please! said:
(Yesterday) Java Stack said:
I'd like to try the Java stack:
(Yesterday) 15 off 50 said:
Please send me some 15 off 50 codes as I am in desperate need of repairs to the house.
(Yesterday) 20 0ff 100 sequence said:
anyone have a 20/100 code even an old one that worked recently . What are the last 5 digits? I havent seen one in a while..thanks
hey anyone have a 20/100 code or at least the LAST 5 digits of sequenc
(Yesterday) Hello said:
Could I please get the script and the add-on activator? or a few 15 off 50. Thanks. Please email to
Hi please email me java script trick...Im desperate as Im making repairs from hurricane. thanks so much
(2 days ago) Laura said:
I need a couple Lowe's coupon codes please. Preferable $15 off 50, but 10% would be great too. Thank you so much!!
(2 days ago) b said:
lowes 15 off 50 codes thank u
(2 days ago) Maria said:
TopCashBack is no. 1 ! Thanks for the tip!
(2 days ago) Can't said:
Impossible to "explain" the java trick. You need the script and an add-on activator like GreaseMonkey. I'll send it to you via PM.
(2 days ago) @ Newly minted 10% said:
You're missing a digit Einstein. Codes are 15 digits, not 14. But thanks for trying to play.
(2 days ago) Victor said:
can i have few code for 15 off 50?
(2 days ago) Wow! The Java tricks works said:
Thanks dude! Really, THANK YOU!!!!
(2 days ago) Victor said:
(2 days ago) Josh said:
I bought a light/fan for my dining room and got $11 back from Ebates. Thanks!!
(2 days ago) Scott said:
10% Code please
(2 days ago) Any fresh 10% codes said:
(2 days ago) alchsbox said:
How to stack please? Send code to -- thanks
(2 days ago) Mike said:
Anyone have a 50 off 250? Or a 10% off?
(2 days ago) Andrew said:
Any more $15 off $50? Thanks.
(2 days ago) Lee said:
Use both: Ebates for your small purchase, and TopCashBack for your big purchase
(2 days ago) Manohar said:
@Lynn $10 "instant" cash from Ebates is great, but an even better tip I learned from this web site is TopCashBack where I get 6% cash back on purchases at Lowe's, Sears, Kmart, you name it!
(2 days ago) Lynn said:
Thanks! I got my $10 "free money" chack from Ebates yesterday. I wish I had known about this site a long time ago. Money savings tips like these don't come every day!
(2 days ago) Chris said:
Okay, I'll bite. Send me the Java code, or simply codes for $15 off $50 to
(2 days ago) Shane said:
Would anyone please send me a 10$ off 50$ or a 10% off coupon to thank you very much!
(2 days ago) Mike said:
Looking to purchase a water softener pleaser assist with a 10% coup :)
(2 days ago) Bray83 said:
Any new $15 off $50 or 20% codes?
(2 days ago) ned said:
(2 days ago) JAVA TRICK TO STACK CODES said:
Please explain java trick on here ....PLEASE! Need help recovering from Hurricane matthew and repairs
(2 days ago) Alex said:

Hot Java Trick. Could you send me the script on how to do it to Thanks
(2 days ago) AndyD said:
@CouponMan It seems it's gone. Too bad but saved a lot over time so thank to those who worked hard over the years to keep it up.
(2 days ago) Donovan said:
Anyone with 10% code or $50 off 250 or higher purchase?
(2 days ago) Alex said:
Can I please have a $15 off $50 coupon please?
(2 days ago) Billy said:
Do you have any 15 off 50 codes please?
(2 days ago) Wade said:
Any more 15 0ff 50? Thanks
(3 days ago) Frank said:
@Jeeves: I think an ebay seller is trying to disparage you, that's why the insults at you.
(2 days ago) Anonymous said:
$10 off $50: 470000162222284
(2 days ago) ally said:
here is a 10% off code. 470005117460353
(2 days ago) Couponman said:
Guys i havent been here in a while, is the lowes coupon generator no longer available where you can generate coupons yourself?
(2 days ago) @hotjavatrick said:
Why can't I find anything online about the Java trick?
(2 days ago) any 15$ off coupon said:
(2 days ago) Wendy said:
May I have 4 $15 off $50 please
(2 days ago) Unsu said:
Thanks Jeeves! Did not get to use one of yours, but was able to make my own using your base codes!
(2 days ago) JP said:
ANy other $15 off $50?
(2 days ago) jeeves101 said:
The $15 off $50 promo codes that user "su" had provided were indeed all valid and genuine. Although they are all marked as redeemed, I still thank you for contributing!
(2 days ago) jeeves101 said:
The $15 off $50+ promo codes that user "su" had provided were indeed all valid and genuine. Although they are all marked as redeemed, I still thank you for contributing!
(2 days ago) jeeves101 said:
Just wanted to give people a heads up if have to make a purchase at Home Depot. Promo code for $10 off your $100+ order: OCTOBERHD. It can be used many times.
(2 days ago) jeeves101 said:
$15 off $50+ promo codes: 470000187162282 470004837862287 470002661062286
(2 days ago) jeeves101 said:
10% off promo codes: 470011414060356 470011479260357 470014273760351
(2 days ago) jeeves101 said:
If those codes were genuine and even had been used already, then you would get the message: "The promo code has been redeemed already".
(2 days ago) jeeves101 said:
The last person who posted the $15 off $50 promo codes. Every single one of those codes is fake and invalid. I know because I get the error An invalid promotional code was entered.
(2 days ago) jeeves101 said:
For the person who requested $50 off $250+ purchases, here are a couple of valid codes. 470000567662067 470000108462064
(2 days ago) jeeves101 said:
That 20% off promo code SAV2016 is a fake/invalid code. Do not use it. I think those are the promo codes that are accepted only for shopping online at Lowe's in canada.
(2 days ago) Guaranteed codes said:
Buy mine lowescoupon@droppages@com
(2 days ago) Newly minted 10% said:
(2 days ago) Hot JAVA trick said:
With a java trick you can stack 5/25, 15/50, 20/100 and 50/250 codes. 10% does not work. I've stacked codes for 2+ years...often 3-4 deep! Send me your email and send you the java script
(2 days ago) Ricardo said:
Anyone help out with a 10% off coupon?
(3 days ago) Ben said:
Can some one please submit a good 10% off code.
(3 days ago) Frank said:
@Jeeves: I think an ebay seller is trying to disparage you, that's why the insults at you.

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