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(3 hours ago) gus said:
Awesome! I Saved an additional 10 % off
Awesome! I Saved an additional 10% off
(3 hours ago) JB said:
Got 10% off a Husqvarna blower and some pre-mixed fuel, $22 total savings. Thanks!
(4 hours ago) Anonymous said:
Saved %10 off my weber grill!!
(5 hours ago) Lisa said:
Absolutely FANTASTIC - You have made my WEEK!!! Thank you very much!!
(5 hours ago) Anonymous said:
$10 off code worked!! Why didn't I find this site sooner.
(7 hours ago) Christy said:
Haha, it actually worked!!! I saved 10% off of my purchase for a total of $46 off!!! I was going to have to pay full price!! LOVE IT!!
(7 hours ago) dz nuts said:
wowzers it worked
(8 hours ago) cat said:
THANKS! Used on 5/25/16, 10% off! Every little bit helps!
(9 hours ago) John said:
Just saved over $30 with a 10% off coupon for a self propelled mower. Thanks!
(11 hours ago) James said:
Awesome! Awesome! I Saved an additional $20 off the already 10% off on lawnmower at Lowes. Sharing this site will all my friends!!
(15 hours ago) AJ said:
Awesome! Thank you so much!!
(16 hours ago) Kristi said:
I bought a $99 grill and then 2 bolts I didn't need for .66/piece. I saved $20 instead of $10. Thanks!!
(16 hours ago) Devin said:
Thanks! Just saved $20 on a dehumidifier that's already 13% off at Lowes!
(16 hours ago) Josh said:
$20 off 100 worked! yay!
(17 hours ago) Vicky said:
Yay, saved $20!!
(17 hours ago) Anonymous said:
Yay! Saved $20, thanks!
(17 hours ago) Thank you, Saved $20, Works! said:
(Yesterday) Sonia said:
Thank you! It works.
(Yesterday) Rick said:
I have a 10% that's good until July 15th. I'll post the code here once I use it - or as we get closer to the current 10% expiration in June.
(Yesterday) Tammy said:
It really worked. I just saved over $40 with the 10% off code. Thank you
(Yesterday) Monica said:
Thank you. Saved $10 off a $50 purchase.
(Yesterday) K7 said:
Saved $79 10% off my stove! Excellent! Very grateful
(Yesterday) scoty said:
Yes! Saved $20 bucks on a $158.00 garage door opener from Lowes online. Thanks!
(Yesterday) Jamie said:
I just saved $10 on a $50 order. Thank you!
(Yesterday) Eagle Eye said:
10% off my $1,140 purchase worked! Thanks!!
(Yesterday) Jim S. said:
Saved 10% on my $1500 washer/dryer/grill order! Woot!
(Yesterday) Bro said:
Has anyone had trouble using the printed $20 barcodes at Lowes IN STORE? Do they scan fine at self checkout or is there an override needed?
(Yesterday) KB said:
I used two 10 off 50 to purchase fertilizer today. Thank you so much. Better than buying them at ebay and I always wondered how these get generated.
(Yesterday) Vineeth Ramachandran said:
Used the 10% coupon to order appliances and saved more than $80...
(Yesterday) pete said:
Worked save 50 bucks. Thank you!!
(Yesterday) Mike said:
Excellent saved 10% off our order thank you
(Yesterday) James said:
Thank you for this. Saved $20 on $100. Very nice. Appreciate it. Everyone remember to DONATE using the donate button on bottom right. :-)
(Yesterday) Brittney said:
I've done the $20 off 100 twice now on cabinets; so AWESOME!!!
(Yesterday) Tachelle said:
Success!! Saved a bundle on our large purchase!
(Yesterday) Kurt said:
10% off of my $796 order worked.
(Yesterday) TERESA said:
(2 days ago) Zride said:
$20 off worked.
(2 days ago) Thankful shopper said:
Thanks for the service :) It worked.
(2 days ago) Bob said:
10% works! 5/25/2016
(2 days ago) Donald Trump said:
Its awesome it totally worked. saved me $10 off my order. That's HUGE
(2 days ago) Robert the Bruce said:
Worked saved 10 bucks on my order for a few minutes work
(2 days ago) Mark said:
Amazing 10% off it worked perfectly
(2 days ago) will said:
10% off for online purchases worked
(2 days ago) John said:
Just got 10% off of my order. Saved $41. Thanks!
(2 days ago) mTz said:
Saved $60 with the 10 percent off. It works!!
(2 days ago) Bill said:
20% off $100 works great!
(2 days ago) RP said:
Thank you so much! Code worked great, no issues.
(2 days ago) Emory said:
These discounts are for real!, I've used them all and saved a lot of money. Broke up my purchases and saved hundreds!!! They Work!!
(2 days ago) BJBJ said:
$20 worked
(2 days ago) Cindy said:
I used the $10 off $50 order promo code. It worked, I saved $10 off my order of $50.50 (porch light). Thanks!
(2 days ago) Jack said:
10 % off lowes worked. 470043686519430
(2 days ago) Anonymous said:
very grateful thank you
(3 days ago) LeeAnn said:
Wow! At first, the $20 off $100 didn't work, but I realized the item I was purchasing was $99.95, and only the warranty bumped it over $100. I bought an extra $7 lawnmower filter I needed soon anyway, and VOILA! $20 off. Yeah! Thanks. So happy. Thank you.
(3 days ago) Anonymous said:
works good
(3 days ago) Paula said:
Just used it today 5/23/16 and it worked first time! Perfect! Thank you!
(3 days ago) Kim said:
Just used the $20 off a $100 online purchase - it worked, no problems! Thanks!!
(3 days ago) Darlene said:
Just used the lowest $20 off a $100 online and it worked perfectly.....thanks!!!!
(3 days ago) Crissy said:
Just used the $20 off of $100 and worked smooth! Wow! Thanks!
(3 days ago) Kado Lewis said:
This worked for me! So happy to find this coupon code! 10% off my flooring order.
(3 days ago) Khelin said:
It worked got $32 off a 300 purchase
(3 days ago) DC said:
It worked! Got $30 off a $299 purchase. Thanks.
(3 days ago) Junta said:
Thanks. Saved $109.00
(3 days ago) GOOD BUYER said:
Great coupon I just saved $30 on my 299.00 purchase. Thanks
(3 days ago) H.S. said:
Yeah! I saved close to $30 with a 10% off coupon code. Thank you!! Plus I got a rebate from Ebates.
(3 days ago) J.B. said:
It worked! Saved $20 off purchase at Lowes. Thanks!
(3 days ago) NoMoneyG said:
Saved $20 on each 104.96 order I placed. I had 4 separate orders. Saved a total of $80 savings!! PS., These savings are applied BEFORE taxes so you save even more!! WOW!!
(3 days ago) M. E. said:
Saved nearly $30 on 430sf of flooring. That was enough to cover sales tax plus a few sf for a total of $8 less than retail cost! Time to go pick up my new tiles!
(3 days ago) Anonymous said:
Saved me $57 off a new freezer
(3 days ago) Heather said:
Thanks so much just got $10 off of $50 today.Also got 3% from Ebates
(4 days ago) js said:
thank you i just got 20.00 off my purchase at lowes
(4 days ago) scott said:
saved me 56.0 at lowes
(4 days ago) Jenni said:
Saved $20 on each 100.00+ online orders ($40 savings). Stacked with a Lowes 10% off grass seed promo amd a 3% cashback online program for additional,savings.
(4 days ago) Dmc said:
Saved 10% with no problems--thanks!
(4 days ago) Wilbert said:
Actually works! Awesome website! Helped save me 30$ off my push mower.
(4 days ago) Chris said:
$20 off $100 worked
(4 days ago) Kate said:
What Anne said! Thanks!
(4 days ago) recar said:
Thank you. Saved $22.
(4 days ago) Anne said:
Just saved $20 off an online order - all other sites' codes didn't work. This one did, thank you!
(4 days ago) just save $50 - awesome! said:
(4 days ago) Dennis said:
Came across this. Was looking for a Lowe's coupon/code. Tried this and it worked. Saved me $25.00. Great!!
(4 days ago) Jennifer said:
Just saved $43. Thank you!!
(4 days ago) Scott said:
Just save $298 using the 10% off. Thank you!!
(4 days ago) Pamela said:
Just saved me $79 at Lowe's, versus the measly $25 coupon I had. Thanks!!
(5 days ago) Tiffany said:
Saved $20 with this site at Lowes. Thank you very much!
Saved $20 with this site at Lowes. Thank you very much! You have good weekend!
(5 days ago) Mandy said:
Just saved $45! Thank you!
(5 days ago) Derk said:
$20 Off works great. Thanks!
(5 days ago) Amer said:
Used and saved $20 at 1:45 pm EST today. Very nice - thanks!
(5 days ago) Teresa said:
Surprisingly it worked without a hitch. 10% all orders. Awesome
(5 days ago) Teresa said:
$20.27 off. Worked great! Thanks!
(5 days ago) Josh said:
Works like a charm, will use again soon!
(5 days ago) Cherry said:
Saved $20 on a hand truck becaused I looked here for a promo code. Free money! This is the best!!!
(5 days ago) Ali said:
$10 off $50 worked perfectly for online order - so excited, thank you!
(5 days ago) Justin said:
$20 off worked like a charm. Thank you.
(5 days ago) N5S-Matter said:
Saved $20 with this site at Lowes. Thank you very much!
(5 days ago) Keven said:
The Lowes $20 Off $100 orders just worked for me. Thanks!
(5 days ago) Anonymous said:
worked on my order< and i even ended up paying less than the item price! this is awesome!
(5 days ago) Anonymous said:
This site rocks! thank you
(5 days ago) james said:
save $10 for $10 off $50 online order. thank you
(5 days ago) james said:
save $10 for $10 off $50 online order. thank you
(5 days ago) Anonymous said:
Saved $50 on Weber Grill!
(5 days ago) Anonymous said:
it wors justs saved an extra $6.00 off a sale item
(5 days ago) Anonymous said:
10% coupon worked - I was surprised! Thanks!
(5 days ago) Anonymous said:
Can the 10% code be used more than 1 time?
(5 days ago) april said:
thank you!!
(5 days ago) jennifer said:
used the 10% off coupon for my kitchen appliances and saved over $350!
(6 days ago) Anonymous said:
GREAT thank you!
(6 days ago) Krystal said:
Worked great! I got $20 off $100 online and I made another purchase for 10% off. Thanks!!!
(6 days ago) Anonymous said:
10% code worked great!
(6 days ago) Lima said:
$20 off works perfect!
(6 days ago) Krystal said:
Worked perfectly. Handed the lady at the register my phone and she typed in the code and we got $20 off $100. Perfect thanks!!!
(6 days ago) Ryan said:
worked great! Saved $20 off $150 order.
(6 days ago) Yan said:
worked great!!! Thank you so much!
(6 days ago) jre8800 said:
Holy crap that worked!! Awesome!
(6 days ago) (REC)2 said:
I received $20 off a $100 purchase. Thank you.
(6 days ago) Ashley said:
Worked! Awesome, thank you!!!
(6 days ago) nic_things said:
used 3 times, (2 x $20 off $100 order & 1 X$10 off $50 order) & saved $50 off a $250 order :) Worked perfectly, Thanks very much!!!
(6 days ago) hustler said:
worked great! Saved $199 off a JD mower
(6 days ago) David said:
worked, 5/19/2016 4:40 p.m.
(6 days ago) Melissa said:
That worked!! I used the $10 off a $50 online order and it worked perfectly! Thanks!!
(6 days ago) Payton said:
Whoo hoo!!! just saved $191 on my new fridge!!! thankyou!!!1

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