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Free Lowe's Discount Promo Codes

Select from the 4 free promo codes below: 10% off any order (orange link), $10 off orders of $50 or more (blue), $20 off $100 (green), or $5 off $25 (purple). Use the promotional code on checkout. To get a 1% rebate on all Lowe's or Home Depot on-line orders, 2% at Walmart, 4% at Amazon, 8% at Expedia, Travelocity and others, sign up at Swagbucks. For an additional 6% cash back on Lowe's purchases sign up for free at TopCashBack. eBates will give you 1.5% on Lowe's plus a $10 bonus after your first $25 purchase. Join them now, its free money!

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(23 minutes ago) felony said:
obtain property by false pretense
(1 hour ago) Angel said:
Just used 10% off code...saved $100 on my new riding mower..Thanks!!
(1 hour ago) Calvin said:
Promo Code worked great!
(2 hours ago) 32308 said:
I am in Florida! Didn't use the code at HD but with Lowe's customer service. HD had a lower price, Lowe's matches it then let me use the 10% off code.
(4 hours ago) Booker said:
Lowe's redesigned their web site and its a bit confusing, but there is a button for paying. Perhaps you forgot to choose one of the options "pick up in store, or Mail, or Lowes truck delivery" ?
(5 hours ago) DS said:
4th or 5th try for the $15 off $50, but got it! Thanks!
(5 hours ago) Anonymous said:
How is everyone able to place their orders? It accepts the coupon and I can get all the way to check out, but it won't complete the final step. Tried on desktop, tablet, and the app.
(6 hours ago) Anonymous said:
@ 32308 - R U in Florida?? HOW did you use Lowes coupon with Home Depot? Online or in-store? IF in-store did you show it on your phone to cashier??? Just curious...thanks!
(6 hours ago) OMG said:
(7 hours ago) Ken M said:
The only thing that I don't like is that I've spent almost $2000 at Lowe's in the past 3 weeks, before I knew about Renovopower. Should've looked sooner!
(8 hours ago) Nikki said:
Just save $15 off $50! This website is awesome!
(8 hours ago) Sean said:
Just saved $150 off of a riding mower.
(8 hours ago) 32308 said:
After price matching with HD, I saved another $15. Thanks!
(8 hours ago) Mark said:
Just saved $15 on $50, took 3 tries but finally accepted a code, this is great!
(8 hours ago) Wendell said:
$15 Off with no hassle. Works for me
(9 hours ago) Joe said:
Just saved $15. Awesome!
(9 hours ago) angie said:
justed worked saved $25 Thanks!!!
(9 hours ago) Jeremy said:
10% off online orders worked for me! Got $5 off for free. Thanks!!
(10 hours ago) Lulu said:
Wouldn't work for me, says I already did it :(
(10 hours ago) Emma said:
Before you try at the store, try the same code on the web first. If it works, then remove the code (there is a button for that) so you can use it at the store - can't use the same code twice.
(10 hours ago) Sumara said:
I tried 15 off 50 3 times day today at store and it failed.
(11 hours ago) Brian Laramie said:
Me too! Ebates was an E A S Y $10 on top of the promo code. RenovoPower saves me so much!
(11 hours ago) Tina said:
Thank, Renovo. I just signed up for Ebates like you recommended. I ordered some trees at
Used the $15 promo code, and Ebates will mail me a check for $11. That's 1/2 price!!!!!!!!!!!!
(12 hours ago) RenovoPower said:
Join Ebates. Its free. All you need is an email address. You will get a free $10 check after your first $25 Lowe's (or Home Depot, or hundreds of other retailers) order through Ebates. Free Money!
(14 hours ago) madden said:
thank so a lota lot for your web site it helps a lot
(15 hours ago) Anonymous said:
Thought this was going to be a joke, but figured I'd try it. MONEY! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(17 hours ago) WC said:
$15 off $50 all have been previously redeemed and says exceeded daily limit. Waste of time!
(Yesterday) BARB said:
Awesome. I just saved $15 off of $50 at Lowes. I appreciate it and will be adding to my favorites list! Thank you!
(Yesterday) Jessie said:
Thank you so much!!! Just used the 10% coupon and it worked!!!
(Yesterday) Anonymous said:
100% worked
(Yesterday) Fedor said:
Thank you, I've saved $50 on Lowes' online purchase.
(Yesterday) mei said:
(Yesterday) Stacey said:
Yes, the 10% coupon code works! Thank you
(Yesterday) ebony said:
i always use this site prior to shopping and i am very please with the outcome
(Yesterday) John said:
15$ off not working
(Yesterday) Monica said:
Thank you so much, I have saved tons of money using this sight! occasionally the code has already be used, no big deal.
(Yesterday) David said:
Just used the 10% off coupon and it worked online.
(Yesterday) E said:
$15 off worked. Thank you!
(Yesterday) K said:
10% coupon worked
(Yesterday) Greg said:
10% off code worked on the first try.
(Yesterday) Alyn said:
I used the $15 off code for an order of Stubbs. Thanks!
(Yesterday) Allen from St. Paul said:
Hi Jon. From my experience, that's common to get that late at night when Lowe's is doing updates to its computer system. Its rare in the day, but can happen early morning.
(2 days ago) Jon said:
Has anyone seen this message cone up before when using any of the Lowes codes? Bar Code promotion could not be processed.
(Yesterday) Serena said:
My husband used to say I'm not good at math...Not anymore. Now he wants me to teach him how to get over 50% off.
Thanks Ebates
Thanks Lowes
(2 days ago) Serena said:
I am so grateful, RenovoPower! I bought a beautiful ceiling fan for $50 at Lowe's. Got $15 off with your code, but wait, there's more... got $10 for ordering it through Ebates, and another 75 cents.
(2 days ago) Christine said:
I noticed a (new?) feature: in-store barcodes. I scanned from my phone and saved $29. Thank you for everything you do for us!
(2 days ago) Dave said:
Just used the $15 off $50 and it worked! I always come here before making online purchases at!
(2 days ago) Anonymous said:
David- I've been using them for years(used to get them from a promotional company) Its the hottest coupon around! Plus many have just been too greedy!
(2 days ago) David said:
Ive been using these coupons since 2015, I tried 10 of the $15off $50 today, every coupon has been redeemed! what's going on?
(2 days ago) Anonymous said:
Anonymous- Yes Lowes coupons are 1 time use. Doesn't mean that ppl on ebay(or elsewhere) haven't made some up & r selling them tho. Not2mention promo ppl get thousands to hand out but sell on ebay too
(2 days ago) Joan said:
10% works like a charm, first try!
(2 days ago) RenovoPower said:
The link "send me email alerts" is just to the right of the (expired) $10 off $50 blue box, below Ebates link. Its been going for a maybe 6 months ? There has been a problem with the $15 off $50 so the people reporting they couldn't get an unused code are not troublemakers.
(2 days ago) Anon said:
10% off not working
(2 days ago) jeeves101 said:
@RenovoPower: I didn't know you had a subscriber list. When did this happen and how do I join or signup? Let me know. Thanks for your help! Awesome site!
(2 days ago) jeeves101 said:
Also, I have no idea how so many people are mentioning that they try 10 codes and state all are redeemed. Every coupon has always worked on my first try, and if not, then definitely on my 2nd try!
(2 days ago) jeeves101 said:
I'm not sure why so many people are complaining here. You aren't paying any fee for these coupons nor does anyone deserve these. We're lucky that someone is providing these coupons to us for free!
(2 days ago) Anonymous said:
The problem you guyes encountered is not due to eBay selling. All codes are unique. The codes they got are different with the ones you got.
(2 days ago) Rock said:
Thank you! Saved $50.00 on my order tonight.
(2 days ago) RenovoPower said:
For those of you who joined the subscriber list, I just sent out emails alerting that Discounted Lowe's Gift Cards are now in inventory at Both SaveYa and CardPool. They usually sell out quickly.
(2 days ago) RenovoPower said:
You're probably right. I'm particularly open to feedback because I just added the "free $250 Lowe's Gift Card" link, hoping it is legitimate, but fearful if it isn't, than I'm not doing a good service (the road to hell is paved with good intentions). Lots of good guys here, some troublemakers/wackos.
(2 days ago) Anonymous said:
@Renovo- when someone just makes a comment like that and doesn't explain then they are moron & probably trying to start crap here
(2 days ago) Anonymous said:
"competitor match" is not the same as using a coupon though
(2 days ago) OMG said:
anon is probably the one selling on ebay. Ive never gone through 10 to get a good one. I call BS on those saying they have!
(2 days ago) Georgios said:
"Anonymous" why are you so hostile? We're all saving tons of money thanks to RenovoPower, and you're complaining and using foul language, especially to a lady.
(2 days ago) Jennie said:
They use different computers, proxies, all kinds of dirty tricks. And this site is the best thing ever. I used to buy on ebay, now I get it for free.
(2 days ago) Anonymous said:
jeannie, you are probably one of them selling the coupons.who would even think to do something like that? and they limit you ten so explain how someone is loading 1000? the truth is this site is shit
(2 days ago) Anonymous said:
take this shit off. i have tried 10 codes that i am allowed for the last 3 days and not ONE WORKS!!!
(2 days ago) Kevin said:
Home Depot is going to the dogs. After I discovered this site, I only buy at Lowe's
(2 days ago) RenovoPower said:
Who charged your card 10000 ?!
(2 days ago) Mac said:
Exhausted my tries, non of the codes were working, site says they had already been redeemed D:
(2 days ago) Elvis said:
BTW in June I went into chat to get Lowes coupon ("competitor match" policy) applied. I was told they price match only EXACT same item will & no longer accept ANY Lowes discount coupons.
(2 days ago) Elvis said:
$15 off $50 worked on the third try. First two times (470009821249822 & 470009821849824): already redeemed
(2 days ago) Jennie said:
The real reason is at night the ebay sellers come here and load thousands of codes from RP for free to sell on ebay.
(2 days ago) Fuck you said:
This shit is a scam they charged my card $10000
(2 days ago) JayGanz said:
Used a 15 off 50 this morning. As RP is generating codes that have already been provided to customers directly by Lowe's, you may occasionally encounter this issue. Keep reloading.
(2 days ago) MM said:
Used a 10% code and it worked on the first try. Great service thank you
(2 days ago) Russ said:
after many tries $15 off $50 worked. This was a big help. Thanks a lot!
(2 days ago) MJ said:
The $15 off $50 coupons are all displaying a message that they are already redeemed. I exhausted all 10 chances.
(2 days ago) allen said:
none of the $15 off $50 work. waste of time
(2 days ago) gilligan said:
all the codes today have been redeemed. i have wasted all 10 tries on duds.
(2 days ago) Bob said:
Used the 10% off on an oven that was all ready 36% off. Worked like a charm. Thanks.
(2 days ago) Jay said:
15 off 50 isn't working for me either. Now I can't even get another code bc it says I exceeded the limit when I haven't got one that worked.
(2 days ago) :( said:
15 of 50 is not working i had tried lots of times :(
(2 days ago) JZ said:
Used the listed Lowe's Promo code and I got the 10% off. Thanks!
(2 days ago) greedy said:
blessed are the poor, who don't take from the greedy
(2 days ago) J said:
Tried 3 different codes for $15 off $50 online and said all 3 had been used; tried 4th code and it worked. Saved $15...with this savings items actually cost less that items combined by $10.
(2 days ago) J said:
Tried 3 different codes for $15 off $50 online and said all 3 had been used; tried 4th code and it worked. Saved $15...with this savings items actually cost less that items combined by $10.
(2 days ago) Steve said:
Worked $5 of $50 took 3 trys but woked
(2 days ago) Anonymous said:
Great code $15 off$50 took 3 codes but worked ty
(2 days ago) Alek said:
$15 OFF $50 worked for me. Thanks!
(2 days ago) Victoria said:
$15 off $50 just worked for me. Only took two tries.
(2 days ago) Joe said:
$15 off $50 worked for me! Thanks!
(2 days ago) Fred said:
I had the same problem. The $15 off $50 are all saying they have been used.
(3 days ago) DAVE said:
(3 days ago) JF said:
$25 off $250 worked! Thank you!
(3 days ago) Alegria said:
The $25 OFF promo code was AMAZING!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
(3 days ago) Ann said:
Your 10% off worked for me just now. Thank you very much!
(3 days ago) Kike said:
15s are all used up
(3 days ago) anonymous said:
$15 deal off $50 on Lowes worked. Awesome.
(3 days ago) RenovoPower said:
Anonymous - I really don't know. The $15 off $50 has been unbelievable (30% !!), and we're grateful someone contributed it. Its running out. And there's no way to tell if someone will contribute a new one.

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