JCPenney's Discount Promo Codes

Below are several discounts, promos, special deals, and freebies from JCPenney's. You can pick up your order at your local JCPenney's with no shipping charge, or have it shipped to you.

Buy JC Penney gift cards at up to 24% off face value.
No fees, no expiration. Adds an extra 24% discount to all JC Penney purchases

See all the current discounts and deals at JC Penney.

After succesfully using your promo code, please come back to this page and leave feedback below.

(51 months ago) Jocelyn said:
Is JCP open?
(57 months ago) Jocelyn said:
I'm sad my local JCP store closed down. But I use the web site, and you help me get savings. Thanks
(59 months ago) June said:
They closed the JCP in my toiwn, and now I drive over half an hour to the nearest JCP. With your gift card discount, its worth it. T h a n k s !!!
(59 months ago) Anna said:
I didn't quite get 24% off, but got 18% off, which is nothing to sneeze at. Thanks!!!
(77 months ago) Jenny said:
Saving more with discounted gift card? Who would have thought of it. Thanks!
(78 months ago) Nick said:
Cool! I love savings!
(84 months ago) Anonymous said:
anybody have 10 off 10
(85 months ago) Kaitie said:
Thanks! I never knew you could save so much using gift cards!
(86 months ago) Jane said:
Thanks, I didn't know I could save so much with gift cards.
(88 months ago) Anonymous said:
anybody have 10 off 10
(93 months ago) BinhM3 said:
Which email do i send to request code for jcpenny?
(93 months ago) Mary said:
Great stuff!
(94 months ago) Judy said:
I can't wait until Sunday when your amazing promo code takes affect!
(96 months ago) Maya said:
So nice!
(96 months ago) April said:
Very nice!
(96 months ago) Nicole said:
JCP with your coupon is the BEST plAce to buy Carter's for my two little boys.
(96 months ago) May said:
Thanks for bringing on the deals!
(96 months ago) Judy said:
Wow 25% off! I can't wait!
(97 months ago) Ray said:
(97 months ago) Jay said:
30% off is my kind of sale!
(97 months ago) Pearl said:
(97 months ago) Pearl said:
(97 months ago) Nina said:
JCPenney is the best. Thanks!
(98 months ago) Michelle said:
I love it!
(98 months ago) Kaila said:
Cool savings!
(99 months ago) Jeannie said:
Can't way for the Father's Day sale! $10 off purchases of $25 or more is UNBELIEVABLE!!!
(99 months ago) Lucy said:
(99 months ago) Julie said:
Glad I checked in today to snatch the "today only" 30% off!
(99 months ago) Sonya said:
Nice place to find specials.
(100 months ago) Rachel said:
Wow! So many special deals!
(100 months ago) Pam said:
(100 months ago) Meg said:
JCP is my favorite,and even better with promo codes. Thanks!
(101 months ago) Maria said:
You had me at "extra 20% off"
(101 months ago) Renee said:
Thanks for the extra 25% off code!
(101 months ago) Kate said:
(102 months ago) Linda said:
I saved 40% on a handbag for me and a new wallet for my BF. Thanks!
(102 months ago) Kelly said:
Check out the Macy's page - great offers this week :)
(102 months ago) Stephie said:
Extra 30% off! Hurray!
(102 months ago) Joan said:
Thanks for the sale leads.
(102 months ago) Grace said:
(102 months ago) Tiffany said:
Took advantage of the 20% off sale, and paid with JC Penney gift cards I bought at SaveYa at ANOTHER 20% off. Its really fun to save so much!
(102 months ago) Cheryl said:
Nice place to find deals!
(102 months ago) Violet said:
Still two more days left on the 3 day sale. This is so much fun!
(102 months ago) Jennie said:
Its today, see the big owl at the top, extra 25% off!
(102 months ago) Kathy said:
Hi Jennie, what's the sale on Sunday?
(102 months ago) Jennie said:
I'll be back for Sunday's blowout sale.
(102 months ago) Nancy said:
Thanks, these are helpful!
(103 months ago) Kaila said:
I bought a discounted gift card and added another 20% savings to the 20% off promo code. This is fun!
(103 months ago) Judy said:
Thanks, you helped me save, again.
(103 months ago) Marcia said:
With 3 kids, the Carter's sale sure helped me save. And I know its top quality, too. Thanks,
(103 months ago) Candy said:
(103 months ago) Jennifer said:
Thanks, RenovoPower!
(103 months ago) MiMi said:
This and the Macys page are great. My husband is a regular on the Lowe's page.
(103 months ago) Tiffany said:
Saved $20 on Carter outfits for my daughter.
(103 months ago) Kaila said:
Wow, this is nice!
(103 months ago) Michelle said:
Great deals. Thanks !
(104 months ago) Clara M. said:
I got 30% off. Thanks!
(104 months ago) Jenna said:
(104 months ago) Sara said:
Great deals.
(104 months ago) Kathleen said:
I love JCPenney, and I love a discount when I can find it. Thanks!

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