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For an additional 4% cash back on Lowe's purchases sign up at TopCashBack. Rakuten eBates will give you 2% on Lowe's plus a $10 bonus after your first $25 purchase. Join these free sites now, its free money! We do have a $5 off $50 (10%) coupon for Home Depot and ways to lower your auto insurance and home mortgage. Add even more to your savings by paying with a gift card that you buy at less than face value.

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(55 minutes ago) Cowbell said:
Only reason I went to Lowe’s was for the coupons. Without them, I will just...never go again and save more money at Home Depot.
(16 hours ago) Hey Steve said:
No one is b*tching about no coupons. Just the comments. We'll still shop at Lowes....but thanks anyway
(24 hours ago) Steve said:
Stop bitching about no lowe's coupons and just shop Home Depot instead
(2 days ago) Hey Jimmyjam said:
You should probably follow suit to your own useless comment. Codes ended 10/1/19 unless you are in cahoots with Lowes insiders (i.e. ebay coupons)
(2 days ago) Marc said:
Do anyone have 10% off code? Thank you.
(2 days ago) Jimmyjam said:
I apologize for the ignorant posters here. I will help anyone with a code. Just get on ur knees and do your thing. Code will follow.
(2 days ago) Lowe’s said:
How do I get the coupon
(2 days ago) Samantha said:
And if making a large purchase, and using the 10 percent off, place your Lowe's order through TopCashBack for an additional 4 percent cash rebate for a total of 14 percent off or more.
(2 days ago) Samantha said:
If you use have a small order, join Ebates and get another $10 off your order, for a total of over $25 or 40 percent off!!
(2 days ago) Jimmyjam said:
You guys are a bunch of a**holes. Get a life or help some people out with codes.
(2 days ago) a said:
(2 days ago) Bruce said:
Do anyone have 10% off code? or $100 off $600 code? I am looking to buy a fridge
(3 days ago) Mike said:
$40 off $50 code. $80 off $100 code.
(3 days ago) shortbus said:
(3 days ago) shortbus said:
(3 days ago) tartCart said:
That's funny. I generated almost the same 100 off 600 code. My 51st digit was 7.
(3 days ago) shortbus said:
$100 off $600 Purchase

(4 days ago) jonithan said:
how do i
how do i generate $30 off $50 code?
(4 days ago) jonithan said:
(4 days ago) Don said:

(4 days ago) TRUMP NEMESIS said:
Ha ha ha. Some fools are actually falling for my joke. I was sure someone would!!! Ha ha ha ha "There's an idiot born every second". (And they wind up here!
(4 days ago) Kdl said:
Do you have 10usd off from 50 usd?
(5 days ago) Algorithm to generate $30 code said:
What is the algorithm to generate $30 off $50 code?
(6 days ago) TRUMP NEMESIS said:
No need to check the 30 off codes. I made the algorithm my B*tch. Best of all I'm not competing with other generators because their brains are too small to figure it out themself.
(7 days ago) Ridhu said:
How to get 10% off online order code for lowes purchase? Any working code?
(8 days ago) Charles said:
And if making a large purchase, and using the 10 percent off, place your Lowe's order through TopCashBack for an additional 4 percent cash rebate for a total of 14 percent off or more.
(8 days ago) Charles said:
If you use have a small order, join Ebates and get another $10 off your order, for a total of over $25 or 40 percent off!!
(8 days ago) Mr.Lowes said:
how the hell eBay sellers STILL generating codes and how they validating them.wonder if they are Lowes employee..one guy selling $30 off code (those codes are given when opening CreditCard)
(10 days ago) Anonymous said:
"This site saved me THOUSANDS" is one of the AzzHoles to thank for screwing up this site and Lowes changing codes. TYVM AH!!!!
(10 days ago) Anonymous said:
you fools i hope you are happy that you screwed yourself and us for the abuse of these codes. you pushed it to far, and Lowe's chopped your wings for the abuse. hope you mothers F'er are happy!
(10 days ago) This site saved me THOUSANDS said:
To Mr. "shut dhow this site": Have you joined TopCashBack and Ebates?
(11 days ago) shut dhow this site said:
Since there is no more coupon code to be shared here, can I suggest shutting this site? I have not benefited anything here.
(11 days ago) Lowes4life said:
Is the 10% coupon for Lowe's dead?
(12 days ago) Trump MAGA said:
How are those Lowes discount codes working out for ya FOOLS???? Bahahahaha
(12 days ago) dave said:
code for lowes $30 of $50 please
(12 days ago) Shemp said:
Going to Lowes
(12 days ago) Larry said:
Home Depot, baby!
(12 days ago) Moe said:
Lowes is the best
(12 days ago) Lee said:
Any 10% Lowe's code, need to replace water heater thanks
(12 days ago) Curly said:
Home Depot rules!

(13 days ago) Stooges said:
Get these Home Depot stooges off here. Nobody cares about their comments.
(13 days ago) LOWES said:
Any 10% Lowe's code?
(13 days ago) John said:
Alysa, why go to Lowes and ask them to match price Home Depot??? You encourage them to charge higher prices. Just reward Home Depot for being decent to begin with.
(13 days ago) Lowes said:
can you ban people that adverted HD ? "Lowes Channel" what people don't understand about that?
(13 days ago) Mr. GO AWAY said:
(14 days ago) MIKE said:
10% LOWES ?
(14 days ago) SAL said:
(14 days ago) Betty said:
Lowes has good deal on appliances right now. Going to the store to check them out
(14 days ago) Freddie said:
Forget Lowe's. Home Depot is better
(14 days ago) Alysa said:
Lowes matches HD in prices. No need for online codes
(14 days ago) Anonymous said:
I'm done with Lowes. They should change their name to "Highs"
(14 days ago) Anonymous said:
I'm done with Lowes. They should change their name to "Highs"
(14 days ago) Anonymous said:
Lowes ALWAYS has higher prices than other stores. When I mentioned a particular item to a worker, she said go to cust serv and see if they will price match. NO, I will not support being ripped off!
(14 days ago) Joe said:
Just go to Home Depot
(14 days ago) Anonymous said:
need code for lowes
(15 days ago) Dan said:
Heading off to Lowes
(15 days ago) Jeff said:
Yes, I'm also disappointed with lowes, and going back to Home Depot
(15 days ago) ram said:
need code for lowes
(16 days ago) Jane said:
Sally, you should also return to Home Depot.
(16 days ago) Sally said:
A couple of Home Depot employee losers on here. Go chat in Renovo web page forum made for HD.

(16 days ago) Jane said:
Home Depot is better. Some appliances are now 40% off
(16 days ago) Beth said:
Lowes also has Black Friday deals. checking the appliances out now.
(16 days ago) Kate said:
Home Depot has black Friday deals already now
(16 days ago) Victoria said:
(16 days ago) Heading out said:
....to Lowes. Woohoo!
(16 days ago) Sid said:
Home Depot, baby!
(17 days ago) dude said:
sad to see this site go down
(17 days ago) shortbus said:
guess i've been out of touch. what happen to this site? no more coupon codes?
(17 days ago) Anonymous said:
I love Trump maga. He tells the truth
(17 days ago) Joe said:
Lowes is awesome
(17 days ago) Kim said:
Home Depot is the best
(18 days ago) Trump MAGA said:
Beggers still here everyday!!! LMFAO
(18 days ago) Jessica Dooley said:
Needing some Lowe's coupons! Purchase will be $400+
(18 days ago) qponGenie said:
Hello, I am curious as to how ebay sellers etc are verifying the validity of in store only codes before selling? I have purchased many and never had one not work.
(19 days ago) bill said:
any 10% off any purchase lowes???
(19 days ago) To Charles said:
The big loser of the day
(19 days ago) har said:
lowes !0% ty
(19 days ago) Charles said:
But Home Depot IS better.
(19 days ago) Lowes Channel said:
Knock it off with the Home Depot comments. This is the Lowes site. Go to the other site and stop the advertising here.
(19 days ago) Home Depot said:
Get the $5 off $50 coupon from Home Depot. Also many times HD is already 10% cheaper. NO MORE LOWES.

(20 days ago) Trump MAGA said:
I just wanted to apologize for my behavior here. I am suffering from depression and belittling others makes me feel better. I will work on my behavior flaws, once again, I'm sorry.
(22 days ago) Jack said:
No...I'll still continue to go to Lowes...closer to my house for the same price (Lowes also price matches)
(22 days ago) Natalia said:
going back to Home Depot
(23 days ago) $mitty said:
Anyone else here like me.. used to only shop at HD, found out about Lowes coupons then started shopping exclusively at Lowes, now will probably go right back to HD since Lowes is not honoring coupons?
(23 days ago) Forget Lowes said:
Home Depot is the best
(24 days ago) Here Tim said:
Enter 473454897031166 and submit. Should work at the 50th attempt. If not, increment the last digit by 1 and do another 50. Then repeat.
(25 days ago) Tim said:
lowes coupon please
(25 days ago) Austin said:
(26 days ago) Forget Lowes said:
Just go back to Home Depot
(26 days ago) Thank You Lowes said:
...for getting rid of the online codes. Too much abuse always equals end of fun. People ruin everything.
(26 days ago) Theodore said:
What must I do to get a coupon!!!???
(27 days ago) Debbie said:
Forget Lowe's. Just go to Home Depot.
(27 days ago) Jeff said:
Home Depot is better
(28 days ago) NH Rules said:
10% codes please...thank you.
(28 days ago) Anonymous said:
JL.....You are a MORON!!!! hahahahahahahahaha To answer your question, yes. Just enter the following 138-digit code:
(28 days ago) Julia said:
Any coupons for Home Depot?
(29 days ago) JL said:
Does anyone have a 10% off code for lowes?
(29 days ago) Panocha said:
Give me one please!!!!
(29 days ago) Trump MAGA said:
Hahahahaha Thank you very much for the kinds words. Glad I made your day. Hahahahaha
(29 days ago) lowes said:

(29 days ago) HD Promo Code? said:
What exactly does that code apply to? Probably toasters, curtains and other useless things to buy at HD. It certainly doesn't work on tools.
(30 days ago) Cody said:
(30 days ago) homedepot said:

Scan the barcode. If barcode does not scan, enter the 26-digit promotion code.
Tear the Coupon in half and discard.
9815 4000 0033 9900 1476 9080 08

(30 days ago) Enough! said:
Once every couple months I come here to see if there are Lowe's codes but all I see is BS from this guy TrumpMaga; he/she lives here! Listen you kawnt mozafawka get a life you sad piece of shiiiet.
(Last month) Paul said:
lowes 10%
(Last month) Good grief said:
That comment must have been from Paris Hilton. Typical blond.
(Last month) Hilton said:
Any of you morons know how to test these online? They wont work online but can still be checked that way. Just need to know how it's being done and we can all be back in business.
(Last month) Anonymous said:
Home Depot baby!
(Last month) Trump MAGA said:
You are truly a moron Charles!
(Last month) Charles said:
Trying desperately to get a 10% off for online for Lowes or Home Depot coupon or code. No luck after 2 hours. Willing to buy one send a link. Thanks C
(Last month) Sue said:
Just go to Home Depot. There's a Home Depot page on this site with $5 off coupon and links to special deals. Beats lowe's.
(Last month) Folks said:
Lowes still beats Home Depot for me...closer to my residence for same price
(Last month) hi said:
lowes no more
(Last month) Thomas said:
I'm done with Lowe's
(Last month) Ben said:
Menards is the best
(Last month) Anonymous said:
"Folks said:
Lowes does price matching so they are not more expensive than Home Depot." So what's the point of going to Lowes in the first place. Just go to Home Depot. Why reward them for high prices
(Last month) Anonymous said:
Yeah, I love Home Depot
(Last month) Jaimie said:
Screw them, go to Home Depot!
(Last month) Fed Up said:
Lowes no longer honors your 10% military discount unless the item is FULL price. Looks like my Lowes online purchases will go from 100% to about 0%. Also, any purchases after 90 days cantT be returned
(Last month) Folks said:
Lowes does price matching so they are not more expensive than Home Depot

(Last month) Anonymous said:
anyone know cheap site to get 30 off 50 ?
(Last month) Tran said:
Nguyen: joint Ebates and get an extra $10 kickback. Don't need any coupon for that. Its all free.
(Last month) Nguyen said:
Just go to Home Depot. Lowe's is making coupons too difficult these days
(Last month) Tham Ngoc Ly said:
Where can I get code? Nguyen, are you here?
(Last month) Dave said:
Lowe's is dead. Long live Home Depot!
(Last month) Joe said:
Yes, Home Depot is the place!
(Last month) Wess said:
Just go to Home Depot. Lowe's doesn't want our business anymore.
(Last month) SD said:
Need 10%, please help!
(Last month) a little help said:
10% promo code will be a big help...thanks
(Last month) Kitty said:
And don't forget to join Ebates (now called rakuten) for free money!
(Last month) Natalia said:
Home Depot, baby!
(Last month) NewHampshire said:
Hi everyone. I'm new here. Anyone have codes?
(Last month) NewHampshire said:
Apparently this site is a joke if someone else can use my same username and pretend to be me. Oh well. Just trying to save people money. Too bad there are so many jack asses here!

(Last month) Mike Stinklefinger said:
Need a code please!!!!!
(Last month) NewHampshire said:
Let's see how many of you morons fall for that! LOL too funny
(Last month) NewHampshire said:
I just bought a $30 of $50 coupon from a coupon site for $5. Didn't think it would work. I legit just got back from my local lowes store where I bought 9 bags of wood pellets and paid $2.19 per bag
(Last month) Trump MAGA said:
Silver cloud that is FAKE NEWS!!! You must be a Dem
(Last month) 20 off 100 said:
(Last month) Silver cloud said:
As of October 1st, 2019, Lowe's is no longer accepting online coupon codes!!!
(Last month) Anonymous said:
I can share $20 off $100. Get on ur knees and swallow first!

(Last month) Anonymous said:
Home Depot baby!
(Last month) LOWES said:
Hi, Can somebody share $20 off $100?
(Last month) parviz_202@yahoo.com said:
I tried to lookup his whois and reach out to him to help him, but he is registered in panama. sitemaster, please reach out to me. I want to help
(Last month) parviz_202@yahoo.com said:
it is sad that a useful site like this goes down and people are not analyzing the problem and waste the site space for BS. maybe we should help this site owner. maybe financial help will help him.
(Last month) lowes said:
Lol, I just wanted to let you all know that at least at my store, we will not accept anything that is not a printed coupon from lowes, so y'all are just wasting your timer
(Last month) Trump MAGA said:
Reports that codes no longer work is FAKE NEWS. Keep posting in order to keep these morons busy!
(Last month) Dwight said:
What's all this nonsense being posted here? Just go to Home Depot.
(Last month) Anonymous said:
Anarchy Rules!!!!
(Last month) Anonymous said:
research indicates 97% of posters on this site are lonely queers
(Last month) Anonymous said:
Morons are turning on each other Hahahahahahahahahaha

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