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For an additional 4% cash back on Lowe's purchases sign up at TopCashBack. Rakuten eBates will give you 1% on Lowe's plus a $25 bonus after your first $25 purchase. Join these free sites now, its free money! We do have a $5 off $50 (10%) coupon for Home Depot and ways to lower your auto insurance and home mortgage. Add even more to your savings by paying with a gift card that you buy at less than face value.

CIT Bank Is Offering 20 Times Higher Interest Than Most Banks. You're Losing Money Every Day You Wait. Open a Savings or a CD Now! No Risk FDIC Insured.

After successfully saving money please leave feedback below, or share new ideas to save.

(7 days ago) Jordan said:
...different type, where the interest is lower. You just need to make sure it is savings.
(7 days ago) Jordan said:
@Michelle thanks for the link. I'll post when I get the $100 bonus. Meanwhile I am getting 4.25% interest. One note: make sure to open a SAVINGS account. Their web site tries to get you to open a...
(7 days ago) Michelle said:
Get 4.25% on savings account (liquid). Use link Ally Bank and you also get $100 bonus for setting up direct deposit. Offer expires October 10.
(8 days ago) Jenn said:
No a of those lowes codes work
(9 days ago) Larry said:
Of course, this is on top of the $40 sign up bonus (or whatever the amount is this week).
(9 days ago) Larry said:
I think American Express is subsidizing our cash back to introduce us to using their "gift cards" (preloaded credit cards).
(9 days ago) Larry said:
Just a heads up to everyone. Right now TopCashBack is adding 5.25% (Bonus) to all earned cashback if you ask for your cash as an AMEX preloaded credit card, instead of direct deposit to your bank.
(11 days ago) Shmoe said:
Cool! Thanks!
(17 days ago) Joe said:
Join Rakuten for free and make your first Lowe's order through Rakuten by 9/26/23 and get $40 CASH rebate!!!! That's "100% off" on a $40 purchase!!!
(26 days ago) Simon's 10 percent off promo codes said:
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(30 days ago) Nancy said:
@Jaime TopCashBack usually gives more cashback than Rakuten on Lowe's and Home Depot purchases.
(Last month) Jaime said:
Everyone here is so excited about TopCashBack, but I like Rakuten better because of the $25 cash signup bonus.
(Last month) Anthony said:
(2 months ago) Emily said:
(2 months ago) Baskar said:
Does anyone have a Lowes promo code?
(2 months ago) Henry said:
What is this TopCashBack you're all talking about?
(2 months ago) Nicole said:
(2 months ago) Max said:
Thanks for the tip. I'm getting free money from TopCashBack now.
(2 months ago) Jane said:
TopCashBack is now giving up to 4% cash kickback on Lowe's purchases!
(2 months ago) Donna said:
Does anyone have a Lowes promo code? Thanks

(2 months ago) Harry said:
Joined Rakuten and got $25. Thanks!
(3 months ago) Kimmie said:
I got an email from TopCashBack that if I spend $15 this weekend, I'll get an extra $2.50 kickback. Anyone else got this?
(5 months ago) Jay said:
any 10% off
(5 months ago) Jack said:
Any 10% off coupons?
(6 months ago) Ken said:
@Jennie TopCashBack is giving 10.5% cash kickback on small appliances at Home Depot. Do you think that includes a microwave oven? 10.5% is really nice.
(6 months ago) Jennie said:
TopCashBack is now giving cash kickbacks of 6% on kitchen/bath or electrical. Flooring and paint are 3%, the minimum kickback is 1%. And there is a huge bonus your first time when you join
(6 months ago) Jules said:
Thanks for the pointer. I joined TopCashBack and got 100% off my first Lowe's order. I didn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes.
(7 months ago) Tammy said:
Yes, TopCashBack is unbelievable. I got my first Lowe's purchase for free!
(7 months ago) Gene said:
Got my cash back from TopCashBack! Thanks!
(7 months ago) Jen said:
Cool. I love TopCashBack!
(7 months ago) Freddy said:
TopCashBack just Raised their kickback rate for Lowe's!
(7 months ago) Sally said:
(7 months ago) Ken said:
Thanks for the tip!
(7 months ago) June said:
Yes, I got hundreds of dollars in cash back from TopCashBack. Joining was free. I never gave them any credit card or bank info, so it is 100% safe.
(7 months ago) Chris said:
TopCashBack is amazing. Its really free money! Thanks!
(8 months ago) Josh said:
Thanks! I love this page. Great for learning money saving ideas!
(8 months ago) KK said:
Does anyone have a $20 off $100 Lowes code?
(8 months ago) Jessica said:
This web site is great. Before I never heard of Rakuten and TopCashBack. Now I got my free signup bonuses, and getting cash rEbates on all my purchases. Not just Lowe's.
(8 months ago) Sam said:
8.4% cash back is fantastic! And if TopCashBack classifies microwave oven as a "large" appliance, they'll still give you 6% which is no chopped liver!
(8 months ago) George said:
@Tammy Toaster oven for sure, but will it include microwave oven ? Try and tell us if you got %8.4 cash rebate from TopCashBack.

(8 months ago) Tammy said:
Hey Ed and Jane, Home Depot is now also having a sale on appliances. TopCashBack says they give 8.4% cash kickback on "Small Appliances" at Home Depot. Not sure what that means?
(8 months ago) Ed said:
TopCashBack is still giving 6% cash kickback on applicance purchases at Lowe's, but also 8% on all tools at Lowe's.
(8 months ago) Jane said:
Lowe's is having a big sale on appliances (up to 40% off) and TopCashBack is giving a wopping 6% cash back on lowe's appliance purchases.
(8 months ago) Julie said:
Thanks for telling me bout Rakuten. $30 sign-up bonus is really FREE MONEY! T H A N K S ! ! ! !
(9 months ago) Bob said:
Any 10% off Lowes codes
(9 months ago) Narayanan said:
Use this link to get $30 cashback from Rakuten amazing !! https://www.Rakuten.com
(9 months ago) Brandon said:
Yeah! TopCashBack and Rakuten is free money! Thanks!!!
(9 months ago) Brittany said:
(9 months ago) Kyle said:
(9 months ago) Ed said:
Free money! Thanks!
(9 months ago) Lou said:
@Gino. That IS amazing. And I think you also get some extra bonus ($25 or $30 ?) if you're a first time sign up at TopCashBack. Its 100% free.
(9 months ago) Gino said:
AMAZING! Right now TopCashBack is giving 6% cash back on appliances purchased at lowes. If you buy a $2000 refrigerator you get $120 cash rebate!
(9 months ago) Monica said:
Does anyone have a $20 off $100 Lowes code?
(9 months ago) Jackie said:
Today only TopCashBack is giving $11 off Instacart (normally $8) free delivery for first time customers.
(9 months ago) Helen said:
This is for Christmas. Normally cashback rates are not this high. Rakuten is also adding a $30 signup bonus, so for first timers, go with Rakuten
(9 months ago) Helen said:
It depends. Right now Rakuten gives 3% on lowes purchases, TopCashBack generally is 1% but flooring is 3%, appliances and lighting is 6%, tools 8% !!
(9 months ago) George said:
I prefer TopCashBack. Their cash back is higher than Rakuten.
(9 months ago) Mitch said:
(9 months ago) Dave said:
@Kim If you sign up for Rakuten account (100% free, no credit card) now, you can get both. The 3% is a promotion, normally the kickback is 1% for Lowe's
(9 months ago) Jill said:
If you sign up for the first time (new to Rakuten) you get BOTH. If you've already received the $30 signup bonus, you'll get 3% of your Lowe's order.

(9 months ago) Kim said:
Is it 3% or $30 ?
(9 months ago) Dave said:
Alert! Rakuten is currently giving a 3% cash kickback on ALL lowe's purchases. There is also a sale up to 50% off tools.
(9 months ago) Suzie said:
@Wendy Also, your check will be for more than $30, because in addition to the $30 bonus for joining Rakuten, you also get some percentage kickback from your Lowe's purchase amount.
(9 months ago) Suzie said:
... (continued) missed the Jan. 1 check, because you get your cashback after some time to insure you're not scamming them by buying and returning. I'd say you'll get your check on April 1.
(9 months ago) Suzie said:
@Wendy Rakutan sends what they call the "big fat check" every 3 months for the cashbacks and bonuses for the last quarter. If you just joined and made your $50 lowes purchase today, you...
(9 months ago) Wendy said:
Thanks, Alejandro. I joined and made my first purchase at Lowes for $50 using Rakuten. How long does it take to get my $30 check ?
(9 months ago) AlejandroF said:
Join to Rakuten using the link below, spend at least $30 (Do not forget to activate Rakuten before checkout) and earn $30!!!
(9 months ago) Tommy said:
(10 months ago) Kimberly said:
(10 months ago) Kim said:
Thanks Yuriy and Eddie. I checked it out and it IS true. 3.85% interest, liquid, no catches, no gimmicks, just $100 minimum deposit. Thanks Renovo!
(10 months ago) Eddie said:
@KIM Yes, liquid. I pasted the link for you HERE
(10 months ago) Yuriy said:
@Kin look above you'll see the link ("20 times higher interest")
(10 months ago) Kim said:
3.85% LIQUID?! Where do you get that? I don't know ANY bank paying so much. Maybe for long term CDs, but not for savings (liquid)!
(10 months ago) Mary said:
Any lowe's 10/20 off coupons?
(10 months ago) Jon said:
I'm getting 3.85% interest on my new savings account. Thanks, RenovoPower!!!!
(10 months ago) Jeannie said:
Same here! Thanks for teaching me about TopCashBack and Rakuten. I like free money.
(10 months ago) Dana said:
Thanks for showing us Rakuten and TopCashBack. Free money!!!
(10 months ago) chuck said:
lowes coupon needed
lowes coupon needed
(10 months ago) Rob said:
Need a $20 off $100 please!
(10 months ago) ben said:
more $20 code please

(10 months ago) ben said:
more code please
(10 months ago) Michelle said:
Any 10% off coupons for today? Thank you!!
(10 months ago) Steve said:
Yes, TopCashBack and Rakuten are going crazy today! Thanks for the tip. I never heard of them before.
(10 months ago) Ed said:
Yes, TopCashBack is giving cash back kickbacks of 16% on Walmart purchases of tools, furniture, kitchen, sports, fashion, toys, jewelry, auto, etc.!!!
(10 months ago) Joey said:
I joined TopCashBack and I'm getting so much free money, to good to be true, but true. THANKS!!!!
(10 months ago) Tanya said:
...(continued) and get free cash signup bonuses and cash kickbacks as a percentage off every on-line purchase at you favorite retailers!!!
(10 months ago) Tanya said:
Today, Black Friday, TopCashBack and Rakuten have gone bananas, with amazing cash kickback percentages on hundreds of on-line retailers. Join now (for free) and do ALL your shopping through them...
(10 months ago) free codes said:
$20 off $100
(10 months ago) Vnysmnn said:
Please share 10%/20% off coupon
(10 months ago) Ron said:
Can I get lowes 10%/20% coupon code?
(10 months ago) Jessica said:
Ha ha, Lee ! I couldn't believe I could get free money from Rakuten and TopCashBack, but it was also true. This site has lots of impossible goodies :)
(10 months ago) Lee said:
Thanks, Harvey. Its a great deal. I couldn't find this anywhere else, and almost couldn't believe until I checked it.
(10 months ago) Harvey said:
@Lee look just above this text, and a bit to the right. There is a link like "20 times higher interest".
(10 months ago) Lee said:
Harvey and Troy: how are you earning 3.25% on your money? Where do you see this?
(10 months ago) Harvey said:
Thanks Troy, thanks Renovopower! I'm earning 3.25% on my money while sleeping now, too!
(11 months ago) Troy said:
I'm earning 3.25 percent on my savings (liquid!) thanks to the link above. Thanks!!
(11 months ago) Ben said:
Both Rakuten and TopCashBack have gone bananas today, with 11% cash kickback on all purchases at several retailers. For example Macy's, Nike, and many more. Wow!!!
(11 months ago) Jeff said:
I bought paint today at Lowe's and got 2% cash back from Rakuten. Thanks renovipiwer.
(11 months ago) Jordan said:
(11 months ago) Nina said:
Thanks! Got $40 cash back from Rakuten. Its really like free money. And I thought there was no such thing.

(11 months ago) Paul said:
I just got $40 cashback from Rakuten. I signed up for free, and bought a drill at Lowe's (through Rakuten web site). The drill was $42. Minus $40 cashback, cost me $2. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(11 months ago) Joey said:
Just join both Rakuten and TopCashBack. Get both signup cash bonuses, then each time, chose whoever gives the highest kickbacks.
(11 months ago) Max said:
TopCashBack gives you $30 cash bonus for joining (free), and usually has a little higher percent cash kickback than Rakuten.
(11 months ago) Steven said:
I'm now getting 3% interest on my savings, 100% liquid (not tied up in CD) using the link above. Thanks, RenovoPower. I came here to save $10 at Lowe's. Ended up earning hundreds !!
(11 months ago) Brent said:
Looking to earn $40 cashback from Lowes click here Rakuten
(11 months ago) Lucy said:
Thanks for the info. Signed up for Rakuten and waiting for my $40 check !
(11 months ago) JILL said:
We got $40 on our first purchase (about $50) but later got 3% from Rakuten on a $2000 fridge which was another $60. They probably didn't lose on us
(11 months ago) JILL said:
They are losing money knowing you will use them in the future, where they will only give 2% or 3%.
(11 months ago) JILL said:
If you purchase $80 from Lowe's, then Rakuten $40 cash back will "only" be 50% off.
(11 months ago) JILL said:
Rakuten will give you $40 cash after you purchase $40 from Lowes. It's like 100% discount.
(11 months ago) Gustav said:
$40 just for joining?
(12 months ago) Naomi said:
Rakuten is even better. Not only free to join, the pay you $40 to join!!!!
(12 months ago) Ed said:
Join TopCashBack (for free!) and get cash kickbacks on Lowe's (and hundreds of other retailers) purchases
(12 months ago) fromer said:
i thought about a year ago you had 20% off at lowes any of these around
(12 months ago) Beho said:
Any $10 of $50 available? Thanks in advance
(13 months ago) john said:
where is the gen that use to be here?
(13 months ago) Rj said:
10% Coupon codes please for lowes. Thanks
(13 months ago) Sean said:
(13 months ago) Sidney said:
Wow! I used the link here to open a free Rakuten account. Made a $30 purchase and getting $30 cash back from Rakuten. 100% off! Wow! Thanks!
(13 months ago) Jay said:
Can you please provide new coupon for $200 over purchase

(13 months ago) Aaron's $10 off $50 promo codes said:
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(13 months ago) George said:
@Tine Rakuten gives a bigger signup cash bonus.
(13 months ago) Tine said:
TopCashBack baby!!!
(13 months ago) Joey said:
Thanks. All this time I'm getting 0.5% on my savings. 1.9% is MUCH better, and it took me 2 minutes to move my money. FDIC insured, baby!
(13 months ago) Nicole said:
(13 months ago) Charles said:
(13 months ago) Vu said:
(13 months ago) Vu said:
Jennifer, I can see the link just above, but in case it doesn't show on your computer I will paste
(13 months ago) Jennifer said:
@Sven where do you see this link? We're only getting 0.9% at our credit union. We would LOVE to get 1.9% for some (liquid) and 2% for some (CD). Thanks.
(13 months ago) Sven said:
I used the link above, and now i'm getting 1.90% interest on my money, with full liquidity (can take it out if I find a better deal). I could get 2% if I commit to a term (CD), but I like liquid.
(14 months ago) Jaime said:
This web site rocks! I'm getting 2% cash rebate from lowes purchases plus signup bonus from TopCashBack. I just came for a $10 coupon, but already saved over $100. Cool!!!!
(14 months ago) Jeff said:
TopCashBack is now giving 2% cash rebate on Lowe's purchases of appliances, tools. EVERYTHING else is 1.75% CASH REBATE! Go TopCashBack !
(14 months ago) Lani said:
Their CD is 2%, but I opened a "Savings Connect" account to keep my money liquid, and am getting 1.9%. So Craig is not making the rate up. Just use the link above.
(14 months ago) Ed said:
1.9% liquid interest? I don't believe it.
(14 months ago) Craig said:
Wow! I used the link above and now I'm earning 1.9% in my new savings account. My cash is liquid.
(14 months ago) Jeremy said:
(14 months ago) VK said:
can someone send me Lowes coupon code for online purchase? vkauto6@gmail.com
(14 months ago) Jim said:
@Jenny thanks! I didn't see the link above until you mentioned it. I'm now getting 1.30% interest on my new money market account. You can get 2% on a CD but I wanted to keep my money liquid.
(14 months ago) Casey said:
any Lowes coupons today?
(14 months ago) Jenny said:
Wow! I didn't know I could get 1.8% interest on my money. Until I saw the link above, I was only getting 0.9%. I was losing money every day until I came to this web site. Thanks!

(14 months ago) Jeff said:
(14 months ago) Joe said:
TopCashBack is literally free money. I wish I had joined years ago. I'm getting cash rEbates back on my purchases at Lowe's, Home Depot, Walmart, etc. Thanks!
(15 months ago) Kevin said:
(15 months ago) Bob said:
Any lowes coupon codes today
(15 months ago) Al said:
@Bob I think nowadays instead of chasing promo codes, we just use Rakuten or TopCashBack to get cash back rEbates.
(15 months ago) Bob said:
Any Lowes coupon codes for today?
(15 months ago) Debbie said:
Yes, thanks for telling us about cashback sites like Rakuten & TopCashBack
(15 months ago) Jordan said:
(15 months ago) May said:
Please email any Home Depot / Lowes coupons - meimei8279@hotmail.com
(15 months ago) Maria said:

eBates Is Now Called Rakuten
1% Cash Back at Lowe's
+ $25 bonus after first $25 order
That's a 101% rebate. For real!


1% Cash Back at Lowe's
Highest cash back rates:

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