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For an additional 4% cash back on Lowe's purchases sign up at TopCashBack. Rakuten eBates will give you 2% on Lowe's plus a $10 bonus after your first $25 purchase. Join these free sites now, its free money! We do have a $5 off $50 (10%) coupon for Home Depot and ways to lower your auto insurance and home mortgage. Add even more to your savings by paying with a gift card that you buy at less than face value.

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can anyone shed light on whether anyone received any coupons by email, and if they actually work?
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I love TopCashBack
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Rakuten 3X Cash Back for Presidents Day weekend
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Rakuten is giving 10% cashback for Lenovo and 4% for Ace hardware today again.
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(25 days ago) WTF said:
Is this the lowes coupon web site or is this the Rakuten TopCashBack cheerleader web site?
(25 days ago) Cody said:
(25 days ago) Jim said:
Can someone send me a Lowe’s 10 or 20% off to jimwhittle1661@gmail.com. Thanks!
(25 days ago) Ray said:
(25 days ago) Colin said:
Thanks for the explanation, Rosie. It looks like coupons are hard to come by, but TopCashBack and Rakuten are the next best thing.

(25 days ago) Rosie said:
Usually (but not always), TopCashBack has a slightly higher kickback. But Rakuten has "double cashback" or other special promotions on certain days that just blow TopCashBack.
(25 days ago) Rosie said:
@Colin Join both (its free, really!) and then each time you want to buy something, use the one with the bigger kickback.
(26 days ago) Colin said:
I'm hearing about TopCashBack and Rakuten here for the first time. Which one should I join?
(26 days ago) Jerry said:
Thanks Robin and Wendy. I signed up for TopCashBack just for the laptop deal, and found that for a limited time only they give 10% cashback at Macys and 8% cashback at JCpenney. Amazing.
(26 days ago) Wendy said:
Thanks for the timely tip, Robin. Actually, its 11% cashback on Dell computers at TopCashBack. Even better than 10%. New laptop, cashback, made my day, thanks!
(26 days ago) Robin said:
Since Rakuten ended the double cashback on Samsung, I wanted to share for people still shopping for a laptop that TopCashBack has 10% cashback at Dell today.
(27 days ago) Jesse said:
Rakuten Double Cash Back ends tonight. 4% cashback at Ace hardware with curbside pickup. 10% cashback at Samsung.
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Anv Lowe’s coupon please to lolagirl20@yahoo.com. Thanks!
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Rakuten is currently giving 6% cash back on Adidas shoes. I don't know when this promotion will end.
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Anyone have a 10% off coupon for Lowes?
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(Last month) Geico said:
Anyone has used coupon that worked? Please share the last 5 digits here and I can generate working ones.

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Any $20 off $100 for Lowe's online? Appreciate if you can send to az2000bd@yahoo.com Thanks.
(Last month) Rich said:
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(Last month) Chris said:
Any 20% to Lowe’s right now?
(Last month) Jack said:
Just got my $20 signup cash from Rakuten. Thanks!
(Last month) Donna said:
My 97 year old mother lives with my sister who desperately needs a new washer. My mom asked me to find something for her. I found a washer at Lowes & could use a 10% coupon. zoerosehill@gmail.com
(Last month) Rich said:
Got my $20. Thank you Rakuten. Thank you RenovoPower
(Last month) Sandra said:
Tonight Rakuten double/triple cash back promotion will end. Great for buying laptops. Samsung 10% cashback, Lenovo 8% cashback. Plus $20 signup bonus!
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Can you please send 10% coupon to rdljr27@hotmail.com Thank you.
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I was looking for a $20 OFF $100 Lowe's Coupon. Ron8969@gmail.com
(Last month) Gino said:
I just bought a laptop and Rakuten is giving 7% cashback on Lenovo! I think its a promotion for today only.
(Last month) Nathan said:
Yes, Kira, you've got i right. Joint Rakuten (for free) and place orders totaling $20+ through them at any of hundreds of qualifying retailers, and they'll mail you a check for $20.
(Last month) Kira said:
Let me get this straight...If I spend $20 through Rakuten at Lowe's or Walmart, etc. I will get a $20 cash kickback from Rakuten?
(Last month) shiri said:
Please send 20 off 100 to shiripardhu@gmail.com. I greatly appreciate it.. Had typo yesterday
(Last month) Randy said:
Me, too. Rakuten is free money!
(Last month) shiri said:
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(Last month) Eddie said:
Got my $20 signup bonus from Rakuten

(Last month) BOZO the clown said:
Once again for all the disbelievers, there are no more discount codes. Please confirm if you have gotten any codes from this site. My guess, none have been received.
(2 months ago) Kadi said:
looking for 20% off; 10% off; send to kadi.mullins@gmail.com
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(2 months ago) Dennis the Menace said:
Yes, Rakuten and TopCashBack are free money. Thanks for the tip!
(2 months ago) Robin said:
It depends on the coupon. Some are only in-store and some are on-line. Try and see if it works!
(2 months ago) Dennis said:
Rakuten is giving 10% cash rebate on Ace Hardware purchases, but this promotion ends in 6 hours.
(2 months ago) Anonymous said:
Can I use the coupon online or only in the store?
(2 months ago) ram said:
please send lowes 20 off 100 to hrslp@hotmail.com
(2 months ago) ram said:
(2 months ago) Jane said:
I found the easy free money from Rakuten and TopCashBack much easier than the difficult to get coupons.
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(2 months ago) Claudia said:
I could really use a 10% off coupon
(2 months ago) Claudia said:
I could really use a 10% off coupon
(2 months ago) John said:
Hi - any 10% off coupons for Lowe's?
(2 months ago) David said:
Anyone have a promo code for 10-20% off. Please send to dpzuniga@live.com
(2 months ago) Helen said:
(2 months ago) Dollar said:
$20 off $100 online (exp.01/31/2021)

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Anyone have a promo code for lowes. 10 or 15 percent off ? Please email fasfas1258@gmail.com
(2 months ago) Simon said:
Can I get a 10% off Lowes code as well? atlantaqi@gmail.com - much appreciated.
(2 months ago) Gary said:
Anyone have a 10% off or 20% off Lowe’s online coupon code. Would be forever thankful. Email garylewisscott@hotmail.com
(2 months ago) Anthony said:
Anil - they have explanations on their web sites. They get referral fees from the retailers, and they split them with you. Just make sure to follow the instructions carefully. Its legit.
(2 months ago) Anil said:
Can someone explain how Rakuten and TopCashBack work? It sounds too good to be true (getting all this free money)
(2 months ago) Kewl dewd said:
$15 off $49 code at Chewy .com 66QL7KL5 expires today only for one use
(2 months ago) How to save said:
I have had luck with 911coupons.com, PremiumPromoCodes.com, BlueLowesCoupon.com, and WeAreCoupons.com. The coupons are not free, but after the cost of a $20 off 100, I'm still saving around 17-18%.
(2 months ago) Hannah said:
Hello, I am looking for any coupon. Plan to make $249.99 purchase. Thanks couponinghannah@gmail.com
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Can I get a 10% off Lowes code as well? mmahal@mahalinc.com - much appreciated.
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Can you share Lowes 10% coupon at nsgoud@gmail.com?
(2 months ago) srisri said:
Can I get 10% off Lowes code? plan to make $500 purchase
(2 months ago) Arun said:
looking for lowes 15% coupon
(2 months ago) Rolando said:
Just helping people save (earn) money.
(2 months ago) re:Rolando said:
Rolando is a shill for the cocksucker that runs this dumb website!!!

(2 months ago) Greta said:
I will join both, I need the $30 (20 + 10). Thanks !
(2 months ago) Rolando said:
Make sure to make 1 purchase through each. Rakuten is now giving a bonus $20 on your first purchase and TopCashBack is giving an extra $10.
(2 months ago) Rolando said:
They have different percent kickback for different retailers. And different promotions. Just join both, and pick whichever gives a bigger kickback on each purchase.
(2 months ago) Greta said:
So how is TopCashBack different from Rakuten ?
(2 months ago) Rolando said:
Of course TopCashBack has cashback on hundreds of retailers. Also they give you a $10 bonus on your first qualifying purchase. Sign up (its free).
(2 months ago) Greta said:
@Rolando Is it just JCpenney, or do they have other cashback deals?
(2 months ago) Rolando said:
TopCashBack now has a promotion for JC Penney purchases: in addition to the normal 6% Cash Back, they are giving an extra 30% off when you spend $75+
(2 months ago) Ray said:
(2 months ago) Nick said:
Any lowes codes. @nicholastubbs11@icloud.com
(2 months ago) Jeff said:
It says above that Rakuten will give you $10 cash to join. Actually its now $20 if you buy something (at Lowe's, for example) for $20, so 100% discount!

2% Cash Back at Lowe's
+ $10 bonus after first $25 order
That's a 42% rebate. For real!


1% Cash Back at Lowe's
Highest cash back rates:

Sometimes you can find good deals on

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