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For an additional 4% cash back on Lowe's purchases sign up at TopCashBack. Rakuten eBates will give you 2% on Lowe's plus a $10 bonus after your first $25 purchase. Join these free sites now, its free money! We do have a $5 off $50 (10%) coupon for Home Depot and ways to lower your auto insurance and home mortgage. Add even more to your savings by paying with a gift card that you buy at less than face value.

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Hello, please provide a 10-15% coupon code or $30-40 off when spending $300 or more. Thank you s_bar2@aol.com
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Hello, need a 20% coupon off for water softener. Email address: napkitten@gmail.com thanks
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Hello, I’m trying to buy some lumber at Lowes. Can someone email me a coupon for $20 off of $100 purchase? My e-mail is hangulseoul@aol.com. Thanks.
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Hello Good Morning, I could use a 10% off coupon or 20 off 100 for some much needed appliances, please send to jkreyes999@yahoo.com Thank ou in advance!
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Can I please get 10 or 20% coupon for Lowe’s. Email is ab.786@live.com. Thanks
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Will provide special male favors for Lowes 20% coupons. Tiny but know how to use my mouth. Email now to shopatweber@gmail.com
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If anyone has a 10% or 20% coupon they aren't going to be using, I'd appreciate one! Thanks! addiedandelion@gmail.com
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Use Rakuten $30 cash back plus 3% depending on what you buy if you purchase through Rakuten website. https://www.Rakuten.com/r/ERICA1707?eeid=44753
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Just join Rakuten. You'll get $30 off $30 at Lowes (that's 100% off and I'm not kidding)
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email me if you need any codes... I stumbled across a few hundred! jwmelisi@yahoo.com (bonus if you send great pics)
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Looking for a 20% coupon, please email to MIMISPARTY.4U@GMAIL.COM
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Lowes days are over with good coupon codes. waste of time.

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(Last month) Jerry said:
Please send a 10% off or several $20 off $100....making 4 purchases, each over $100.
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I signed up for a free Rakuten account. Bought a drill at lowe's (through Rakuten web site), and will get $40 cashback. Only in America! Thanks!
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Unbelievable! Rakuten just Raised their signup bonus to $40 ! Yes ! Expires Monday May 17 (tax day)
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Rakuten 15% cashback expires at the end of this week. does that mean Friday? I get my best clothes at Forever21 and I love getting 15% cashback.
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I just joined Rakuten and bought an ASUS laptop at office depot. The laptop was on sale. Normally $499, I paid $379. Minus $30 and 15% cashback = $292 for my $500 laptop. Thanks!
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Normally its $20 or $25. I've never seen $30 before. Rakuten must be desperate for new customers. Maybe Softbank (owner) is planning to IPO Rakuten?
(Last month) Ted said:
Morgan is right. If you open a new Rakuten account, you'll get $10 signup cash. But if you open it through the links on this page, you will get $30. That's today. Who knows what it will be tomorrow...
(Last month) Jordan said:

(Last month) Jackie said:
Nike 15% kickback? I'm joining Rakuten now!
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Ryan - If you're already a member of Rakuten, your wife could join (using the promotional links here) and she will qualify for the $30 bonus (on top of the $75 kickback). Hurry the promotions end soon
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The extra $30 is if you're a new member of Rakuten, and maybe only if you join using the special links on this web page? If you qualify, that's over $100 in free money. Not bad!
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I've been planning to buy an H.P. laptop. I understand if I go to Office Depot website through Rakuten website I'll get 15% cashback ($75) but how do I get the extra $30?
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I just bought a great Acer laptop with the AMD Ryzen 5 CPU from Office Depot, through Rakuten. 15% cashback is AMAZING! Don't know how long it will last.
(Last month) Johnny B. Good said:
this is a promotion and Rakuten said it ends soon. Its not a normal rate.
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@Cathy Looks like its a great time to be buying sneakers or laptops :)
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Wow, Rakuten has gone crazy. $30 free signup bonus and 15% cashback on Nike, Adidas, Office Depot, Lenovo, Samsung. That's huge!
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I found out that Rakuten $30 sign up bonus will expire in 2 days. So as they say... "act now!"
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$30 free cash? I'm signing up to Rakuten now!
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Rakuten, baby! I'm signing up!
(Last month) Nate said:
@Kyle, yes Rakuten is going bananas. A lot of clothes/shoes stores are giving 15% cashback this week (e.g. Adidas, Calvin Klein, Reebock, Forever21)
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Holy sh*t! Rakuten just Raised their signup bonus to $30, but only for this week!!!
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It really is free money. I joined both TopCashBack and Rakuten, and use whichever gives mre kickback. Thanks!
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(2 months ago) Jeff said:
For Lowe's purchases they are similar. While Rakuten gives 1% cashback on everything, TopCashBack gives 2% on some categories (e.g. flooring, tools, paint) and 1% for everything else.
(2 months ago) Joe said:
Yes, we should all take advantage of the "cashback wars". For example, I need to buy new Nike shoes. Both Rakuten and TopCashBack give 8% cash kickback this week!
(2 months ago) Renee said:
TopCashBack has high cash backs on fashion (for Mother's day), too. Michael Kors 8%, Under Armour 10%, Levi's 10%, Elizabet Arden 16% (!), Bulova or Citizen 8%, etc.
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Rakuten is giving 15% cash back on macy's purchases, grab it while it lasts!
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