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(4 hours ago) CodeCracker said:
50% off Prefix 48375, Suffix 9281 to generate your own codes. PLEASE remember to use "Guest" when you check out. Don't sign into your acct unless you are a non-profit. Thanks
(7 hours ago) Mo said:
Anyone have a 10%? Thanks
(7 hours ago) Sam said:
20 off 100
(8 hours ago) Doug said:
Can I get a 50% off coupons please d.nguyen409@yahoo.com
(10 hours ago) Robert said:
$20 off $100 please, please please. @ robert200015@gmail.com
(11 hours ago) Roy said:
does anyone have 10% coupon? Thanks a lot
(12 hours ago) Alan said:
I need a 10 off coupon please email at alantalamantes@gmail.com
(13 hours ago) Bygone said:
Any coupon , jianjianli2012@hotmail.com
(15 hours ago) Hasan said:
Please provide a 10% coupon to hpolat09@yahoo.com
(Yesterday) Vaibhav said:
Need a code for Lowe’s $20 off $100 if possible. Thanksss !!
(Yesterday) Joe said:
PLease send 50% off to gtjoe2005@msn.com thx
(Yesterday) tom said:
$20 off $100 please. @ tommy67244@gmail.com
(Yesterday) Heather91 said:
I need a code for Lowe’s $20 off $100 if possible thanks guys!!
(Yesterday) Anonymous said:
world of thanks for 50%. once I got it to work I ordered all new appliances for the kitchen and laundry. will never see savings like this again so I figured why not
(2 days ago) AH1979 said:
Please send me a 10%, 20%, 50% coupon code at karnage66@aol.com
(2 days ago) Take a hike George said:
No such thing as 50% off goofball
(2 days ago) Anonymous said:
(2 days ago) Lagm said:
In inter
I'm interested in a 50%lowes coupon I can paypal money send to lagm020@gma.Com
(2 days ago) eric said:
send me a 10% coupon at stantonporsche@yahoo.com
(2 days ago) Jason said:
I have to buy a new grill for the church and a 50% off will really help. Can you email it to garzulo@gmail.com? Thank you in advance.

(2 days ago) Steve sounds like said:
Steve sounds like an eBay seller! Sell your stuff elsewhere Steve. Stop being a downer. If we wanted to give you the business we would.
(2 days ago) Samuel said:
Could you Please send 20% or 50% coupon to samueltrobs@yahoo.com. Thank you very much.
(2 days ago) Anonymous said:
please email a 50% off or other % off code to cslist21@gmail.com
(2 days ago) Anonymous said:
Steve that is definitely uncalled for. Please try not to be so low class. Others are successfully generating codes.
(3 days ago) ale said:
can anyone help me with 50% or 20 off 100 coupon??
(3 days ago) Greg said:
Please send me 20-50% off or 20off 100.grgpatel13@gmail.com thanks!
(3 days ago) Bell said:
20% off please
(3 days ago) Bell said:
20% off coupon code please Thanks!
(3 days ago) Bell said:
20% off coupon code please Thanks!
(3 days ago) TigerWoods said:
any $20 off $100?
(3 days ago) George said:
Just got this 50% off code to work (483757784292815). Had to try 87 times to find one that worked but it was worth it. Thx to all for posting these codes.
(3 days ago) Steve said:
Codecracker has never given a code that works,,,,,,,, please stop asking this moron for codes, he is a 55 year old man in his mother’s basement jerking off to porn
(3 days ago) Jayden said:
please send me 10% off chanhn85@gmail.com thanks
(3 days ago) Reddi said:
Can anyone send me 20 off 100 coupon code, need to buy paints to paint my House, Please email me at reddisreekanth36@gmail.com
(3 days ago) Steve said:
Please add any % Coupons ^^ Thanks anything helps
(3 days ago) Sam said:
If you could send a 50% or 20% off coupon to diaperchanger501@gmail.com I would bo so grateful!! We REALLY need a lawnmower and it would be an amazing help to us. Thank you so, so much! :)
(3 days ago) Jim said:
Any Lowes Coupon? Thanks!
(3 days ago) Fan said:
10 off 50 coupon would be great to fanyeming@hotmail.com Thanks
(4 days ago) Jimmy said:
50% off coupon for Lowes. Thanks send to austindoginnc@yahoo.com Have a great day
(4 days ago) John said:
20% off coupon would be great to wake7671@yahoo.com Thanks

(4 days ago) Jerry said:
50% off coupon? Please and thank you.
(4 days ago) Alex said:
Do you have $30 off $60 coupons?
(4 days ago) Matt said:
Has anyone actually had the "mastercode" work? I have not.
(4 days ago) Reedy said:
Please send me any Lowe's code (prefer highest percentage,can pay for 50% code)...have to buy lots of stuff ,waiting ffor a code from last 2 weeks.
Please send me a code to redlovs.123@gmail.com.
(4 days ago) Aaron said:
I could certainly use a 50% code at archer.aaron@gmail.com. Thanks in advance, be happy to pay for it also.
(4 days ago) CodeCracker said:
There is no 50% code lol. I was trolling with you beggers lol.
(4 days ago) Jake said:
With 6 mystery digits, depending on the number of valid codes, the odds are 1 in 999999 that you'll guess the right code?
(4 days ago) lou said:
10% off please, thanks in advance
(4 days ago) mastercode said:
mastercode for 20 off 100, 47138 and 3008 good through 8/31/19
(4 days ago) JG said:
$20 off of $100 coupon please
(4 days ago) DK said:
Could you please provide Lowe's discount code to buy ceiling fans here
(4 days ago) Jake said:
Thanks Ryan and MrSol, but those codes are used up. If anyone has a working 20% off $100, can you please send it to jrbflk@gmail.com? I'll give you a nice shout-out on here. Thank you!
(5 days ago) CodeCracker said:
Thanks for all your email addresses. Let the spamming begin...
(5 days ago) Juice said:
$20 off or 50% if ya love me
(5 days ago) Anonymous said:
@Ryan, your codes do not have a check digit at the end. They are 15 characters but I would expect a check digit after "9281".
(5 days ago) tom said:
anyone have working 10% plz?
(5 days ago) Abraham said:
Please send 50% firemen915@gmail.com. Thanks!
(5 days ago) Dds77642 said:
Please send 50% dds77642@yahoo.com. Thanks!
(5 days ago) Ryan said:
(5 days ago) MrSol said:
$20 off $100
471014947928437 - $20 Off $100
471015613028437 - $20 Off $100
471013606928436 - $20 Off $100
471012883928436 - $20 Off $100
471011463328437 - $20 Off $100

(5 days ago) Ken said:
Trying to buy my father a 399.99 lawnmower. Anyone have a 10% off code please? Or if the old 50 off 200-400 works still that would be nice. captgeech2125@gmail.com. I will owe you! thanks!
(5 days ago) Love said:
Would like 20% off
(5 days ago) Love said:
Would like 20% off
(5 days ago) Reddy said:
Need any percentage code please ,highest persentage is better .Please email me to redlovs.123@gmail.com...never had luck here:{
(5 days ago) Ben said:
Looking for 50% off! Building a bed for my son. StealthPE@aol.com
(5 days ago) Mary said:
plz codecrakcer, what are the Prefix and suffix for valid 50%, $20, $10, and I'll appreciate if you or any one has working codes can email me to kelharake@gmail.com, Thanks
(5 days ago) Mary said:
any 50%,$20,$10 coupon code, I've been trying to generate codes,saying not valid, same for old good codes, usually says,coupon previously used but not saying not valid,plz send me: kelharake@gmail.com
(5 days ago) NICHELLE said:
Codecracker, looking for 20-50% off for an air conditioner. Plz send to nichellebarbee@gmail.com
(5 days ago) swan said:
10% off code please - petercp999@yahoo.com
(5 days ago) DIY project said:
CodeCracker...would like 50% off or best % off you can send me rlcast.59@gmail.com
(5 days ago) Mike said:
CodeCracker. I also tried for a while and got nothing. mikebjack@gmail.com. Proof?
(5 days ago) Bob said:
would like 20% off code
(5 days ago) lowes coupon said:
need lowes coupon - mail2matta@gmail.com
(5 days ago) Ah Folks said:
The only thing close to 50% is $30 off $60. No such thing as a straight 50% off.
(5 days ago) CodeCracker said:
There is someone pretending to be me saying 50% is dead. NOT TRUE!!! As you can see others are showing it's not. Shame on you ebay seller. He wants you to buy codes from him.
(5 days ago) David said:
10% Please david@wnwns.com
(5 days ago) rad said:
looking for 10% lowes coupon , mail2matta@gmail.com
(5 days ago) CodeCracker said:
50% is dead
(5 days ago) Gyosy said:
Looking for 10%
(5 days ago) diy said:
need code $20 off $100 please

(5 days ago) Code Hunter said:
If anyone or CodeCracker has a 50% spare still, I'm still trying for one at psiomegasoldier@gmail.com. Thank you!
(5 days ago) Jake said:
Tried over 100 different codes. Can anybody please send me a working code to me? THANK YOU SO MUCH! jrbflk@gmail.com
(5 days ago) David said:
Help Bathroom Remodel david@wnwns.com Need 20 to 50% even 10 would help. Please.
(5 days ago) Liz said:
Codecracker please send 50% code need new water heater...aced77@roadrunner.com thank you!!
(5 days ago) Jay said:
Hey CodeCracker, I'd love a 50% off if possible. Thank you. =)
(5 days ago) Ace said:
Can I get a 20% or 50% off please? TIA. firerescueace@gmail.com
(6 days ago) CodeCracker said:
Don't worry Jean, there is no code.
(6 days ago) Sylvester said:
Looking for help to fix my flooded basement. Can you please email me a 50% off code. Any help appreciated.....sylvaneliminator@yahoo.com
(6 days ago) Jean said:
I run a nonprofit and I'm disgusted our codes were released to everyone. That is meant for those who are doing good by helping others. Please don't use that code or Lowes may change their policy
(6 days ago) Rick said:
50 percent literally brought me to tears Never thought I could afford a riding mower with all of my medical problems. I don't feel bad because I truly needed it. Thanks for that code
(6 days ago) Kevin said:
CodeCracker, would you please send me a 50% off coupon to kvn@ixv.net ? I tried to generate for more than 2 hours and nothing work. Thanks
(6 days ago) Steve said:
Hello, I am new here and I am doing a complete kitchen remodel. If possible could you please send me a 50% off code. Thank you very much any help would be greatly appreciated ;) baddbyzz@yahoo.com
(6 days ago) CodeCracker said:
(6 days ago) Beth said:
please send 50% off code need new washer machine thanks much...beththor00@gmail.com
(6 days ago) pm said:
50% coupon please...laocoholic@gmail.com thanks in advance
(6 days ago) pm said:
50% coupon please...laocoholic@gmail.com thanks in advance
(6 days ago) kevin said:
Please I need lowes coupon $20 off $100, kelharake@gmail.com
(6 days ago) chris said:
10% off please
(6 days ago) NJ said:
Please help with 50% off code. Email: spantech050115@gmail.com. Much appreciated!
(6 days ago) Dimplez said:
Codecracker will you please send me a 50% off to Dimplez626@ msn.com. Thank you.

(6 days ago) sir said:
CodeCracker do you have a 50% code you can email, all attempts to generate come up invalid, thanks..email to mohanvijayaravi@gmail.com
(6 days ago) Anonymous said:
Please provide 50% off code. Thanks
(6 days ago) Code Hunter said:
Just grinding my way away trying to get a 50%...
(6 days ago) Jake said:
15 digits
(6 days ago) Linda said:
50% woo hoo! Thank you very much sir or madam
(6 days ago) Anonymous said:
are lowes codes 14 or 15 digit long?
(6 days ago) robert said:
looking for a 50% off code or even a $10 off $50. thanks
(7 days ago) Code Worked 10% said:
10% worked; Prefix 47181 + suffix/master 2841
(7 days ago) Will Appreciate said:
anyone has 10% off code for Lowes? Thanks.
(7 days ago) Tdale said:
Please help!!! -50% on lowes? I need a new Marine battery. Life & death situation. No time to play with a buncha numbera doin stuff i dont understand. Email me please @ tdaleacesallhard100@gmail.com
(7 days ago) Joel said:
Just used 50%. Please let's keep this going. Use the "guest" checkout so Lowes doesn't catch on. This is a God send. Thanks for the code
(7 days ago) Love Lowes said:
$20 OFF PREFIX 47110 MASTER 2843
(7 days ago) scoot said:
looking for 10% off code
(7 days ago) Sam G said:
Thanks so much cracker. You have a good heart. I got the 50% and used guest to check out. MUCH APPRECIATED.
(7 days ago) Jack said:
There is no 50% coupon. Codefaker is full of it.
(7 days ago) CodeCrackerQuestion said:
Whats the excel formula to generate with prefix & suffix? I cant seem to get any working codes :(
(7 days ago) Justin said:
What is meant by prefix and suffix? Essentially, the codes are 15 digits long, so start with 48375 and end with 9281 (which is 9 digits), then enter any random series of 6 digits to have a 15 digit?
(7 days ago) Jack said:
CodeCracker. It's not working.Nobody has been able to use the 50%. Any proof that you can share?
(7 days ago) Anonymous said:
i can buy 50% code, please sri4bhavi@gmail.com
(8 days ago) CodeCracker said:
The 50% off code was changed by Lowes. It's meant for nonprofits. Place order as "Guest" so you don't Raise any red flags. The new prefix and suffix are as follows: Prefix 48375, Suffix 9281.

(8 days ago) Anonymous said:
Looking for 10% off pls
(8 days ago) Anonymous said:
Looking for 10% off pls
(8 days ago) Busdriver said:
CodeCracker do you have a 50% code you can email, all attempts to generate come up invalid, thanks..email to busdriver229@gmail.com
(8 days ago) Busdriver said:
CodeCracker do you have a 50% code you can email, all attempts to generate come up invalid, thanks..email to busdriver229@gmail.com
(8 days ago) mat2001 said:
ned 50 of 500
(9 days ago) Mick said:
Any 20% off today...need to finish project
(9 days ago) Anonymous said:
Looking for 10% off code, if any available I appreciate it
(9 days ago) livin said:
need $10 off $50 -- thx!
(9 days ago) Scubalicious said:
Anonymous - You need to research how to make codes, guessing at the last number will cause a lot of bad codes. It is a check digit calculated based on the middle random numbers.
(9 days ago) Scubalicious said:
Made another 20/100 using 471076263528432 as basis. took 10 tries to find a winner. Learn to make your own codes and come here for codes that worked as basis and generate your own.$20 is $20
(9 days ago) Anonymous said:
I only do the 50% off ones. Why would anyone mess with 10% or 20%? Doesn't make sense.
(10 days ago) anonymous said:
I got the 20 off 100 to work with the 47101 (then 5 random numbers) 2843 (then 1 random number).... However I had to generate about 160 codes to find a valid one
(10 days ago) Shuja said:
any 10 off 50 codes available? thanks
(10 days ago) scuba Steve said:
Thansk Scubalicious worked for my sheet. 47101 worked as a prefix earlier with same 2843 end
(10 days ago) Scubalicious said:
471076263528432 - This code is correct for 20 off 100, I used it as the basis to generate 2 other 20 off 100 codes. Took about 50 tries (my html makes 5 codes at a time) and 5 min to test. $40 is $40
(10 days ago) ron said:
any 10% or 20% off please
(10 days ago) For Tadjw said:
(10 days ago) Jana said:
Any Codes Available?
(11 days ago) ANY MORE??? said:
(11 days ago) ck said:
20 off 100?

(11 days ago) Tadjw said:
Can I get a 10-20% off Lowe’s coupon please
(11 days ago) Email if you need coupons said:
(11 days ago) RK said:
None of them are working. pls post the latest one
(11 days ago) Better CodeCracker said:
Just used the following 20 off 100, duplicate!!!
(11 days ago) Greg said:
We need codes that work
(11 days ago) mac said:
by the way... I locally purchased two $100 gift cards that earned me $20 of gas. I also used my Amazon card that got me 1% cash back on the remainder. So I saved roughly $42 on my total purchase. 👍👍
(11 days ago) mac said:
Tried every number you just listed and nothing... but, after swapping out the middle five numbers dozens of times, I finally hit a $20 winner. This is a tough month for codes.
(11 days ago) Jana said:
Looking for $5 off $50 Please!
(11 days ago) mark said:
hi. can i get a 10% off emailed to highriderx@hotmail.com
(11 days ago) mark said:
can i get a 10% or 15% code?

2% Cash Back at Lowe's
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